Sign up betting sites from Bettingbet – how to open an online betting account


The following are the bonuses and promotions you get once you create an account on any of the bookmakers. To login to your account and claim them.

Bookmaker Rating Bonus Percent Live Min
Review About registration Get your bonus
130 € 100% ✔️ 1 € 1.50 review REGISTRATION REVIEW CLAIM BONUS
30 $ 100% ✔️ 10 $ 1.75 review REGISTRATION REVIEW CLAIM BONUS
122 € 100% ✔️ 1 € 1.40 review REGISTRATION REVIEW CLAIM BONUS
130 € 130% ✔️ 1 € 1.40 review REGISTRATION REVIEW CLAIM BONUS
William Hill
30 $ 100% ✔️ 10 $ 1.50 review REGISTRATION REVIEW CLAIM BONUS
25 $ 100% ✔️ 10 $ 1.50 review REGISTRATION REVIEW CLAIM BONUS
100 $ ✔️ 10 $ 2.00 review REGISTRATION REVIEW CLAIM BONUS
25 $ 100% ✔️ 10 $ 1.40 review REGISTRATION REVIEW CLAIM BONUS
30 $ 100% ✔️ 5 $ 1.50 review REGISTRATION REVIEW CLAIM BONUS
100 $ 130% ✔️ 1 $ 1.50 review REGISTRATION REVIEW CLAIM BONUS
250 $ 50% ✔️ 10 $ review REGISTRATION REVIEW CLAIM BONUS

Bookmakers sign up offers for new members

The process of signing up on a bookmaking platform is simple and it has been explained completely in the steps below. This guide will prove immensely useful for anyone who is not familiar with the sign-up process. Many people want to join new bookmaking platforms but don’t know what are the necessary steps. The procedure for signing up might appear daunting at first but it can be explained with relative ease. If you have created accounts for other social media platforms, you will be able to complete your registration very easily.

Just follow along and you will learn everything about the process of signing up on a bookmaking platform.

So how to open an online betting account? Following are the steps required:

Step 1: Shortlist the most trustworthy bookmakers

Before you open betting account, you first need to find a reputable bookmaker. This is the most important part because betting platforms differ a lot in their offerings and you need to find the one that is best for you. You can check detailed reviews on our websites to learn about the ratings of the best bookmakers.

Step 2: Visit the bookmaker’s site

Once you have selected a bookmaker, the next thing you need to do is visit the bookmaker’s site. Without visiting the platform you cannot complete the remaining steps and also it is a good practice to see the website yourself in order to learn about the workings of the platform.

Step 3: Complete your registration process

After navigating to the bookmaker’s site, the next thing you need to do is to complete your registration. For the process of sign up betting sites offer various methods and we will discuss them in detail in the subsequent sections.

Step 4: Login on the bookmaker’s site

After registration, the next step is to log in to your account to use. For any bookmaker login, you need to enter your username and password and you are good to go. The username and password should be unique yet easy to remember and you must not share its details with anyone.

Step 5: Make your First Deposit

The next step is to make your first deposit. This will allow you to use all the features of the platform such as live streaming, live bets and so on. You can use various methods such as credit card, bank wire transfer or cryptocurrency for depositing money on the platform.

Step 6: Place a bet to get a free bet

Once you have opened an account and performed a bookmaker login, the next step for you is to deposit some money and place a bet to receive free bets. This is where you start working on the platform. Once you place a bet a lot of opportunities open up for you.

As you can see there are a lot of amazing offers and bonuses given by all the major platforms. Sift through these and find the ones that you like and want to avail of.

Terms and conditions

Before you open online betting account on any of the bookmaker’s platform, please read the terms and conditions very carefully. Some of the points that you should check carefully are:

  • Minimum Deposits – if it is $5, 10 or 20?
  • Deposit methods – do they accept your preferred payment platform?
  • Minimum allowed bet – it could be $2 or maybe even lower.
  • Maximum Winnings – you should not place a big bet if the maximum payout is $100.
  • Rules – always check the betting rules.

These terms and conditions part should never be skipped as it can be really bad for you. Learn about all the conditions before you proceed. If you are not sure about the terms and conditions and want to learn more about them, you should contact the customer support.

Shortlist the most trustworthy bookmakers

Not all bookmakers are created equally. You should always do your due diligence before you open an account on any of the bookmaker’s platform. A good book making website must have great ratings, bookmaker mobile login options must be available and there needs to be a sign-up offer for new joiners. Please don’t just sign up with any bookmaker because you cannot trust all of them. First do your research and compare various platforms. You should learn about the bookmakers that are blacklisted.

A good option for you should be to open online betting account with more than one bookmaker. Please note here that you can open accounts on various bookmakers but you cannot open more than one account with a single bookmaker. Opening accounts with different bookmakers present you with diversity and multiple bonus offers like deposit bonus which you receive after making a deposit.

Visit the bookmaker’s site

Once you have shortlisted the bookmakers you like, you are ready to open a betting account on your favorite platform. For account creation, you should first visit the official website. You can click the link to any of the bookmaker from our website or you can do a simple search on your browser.

Among the very best-known and reputable bookmakers are:

  1. 1xbet
  2. Bet365
  3. William Hill
  4. Melbet
  5. Paddy Power

From the homepage of the bookmaker, you can click Bet Now, Join Now or Open an Account button and start your registration process. Bookmaker mobile login options are also available.

Complete your registration process

Click the registration button to start your registration process and open betting account on your selected bookmaker’s website. Usually, you need to provide the following for registration purpose:

  • enter a valid email address and physical address;
  • your date of birth to verify years of age (must be 18 or older);
  • your country;
  • your choice of currency;
  • a username and password.

You might also be asked a security question to secure your account. After you have completed these steps your bookmaker login has been created and you can use your account.

Login on the bookmaker’s site

Once your registration process is complete, you can log into your account. Click ‘Login’ and you will be able to enter the betting account. Enter your username and password in the login tab and you will be redirected into the bookmaker’s website. Betting account opening means you can start an activity on the platform. Sign up betting sites offers are valid for both mobile and desktop users. Please always keep your username and password in a secure place where only you can access it. Never share it with anyone and if you forget your username or password, contact the customer care.

Make your First Deposit

You must visit sites that accept different payment methods. After selecting a bookmaker the first thing you need to do is make your first deposit. The first deposit usually entitles you to a bonus offer. These bonus offers give extra betting amount or free bets. Most of the bookmakers we have mentioned accept many different forms of payment methods such as Visa, MasterCard, and bank wire transfer. The winnings you make will be deposited in the same account with which you have made your payment but you can choose a different account for payouts as well.

Place a bet to get a free bet

After you open betting account and make your first deposit you should make a bet to receive a free bet. To receive a free bet you have to place a bet that has a minimum requirement. You can track money in your account and your betting history in the accounts section of the website. This section can also be used to deposit and withdraw money as well. This is a good option considering it allows you to have free bets.

Choose your new betting account carefully

This the end of the guide on how to open betting account and which steps you should take to make your betting experience amazing.This guide tried to explain the complete sign up process for all the major bookmaking platform. You can check the comparison tool as well as see which bookmakers are best for you. This guide also explained sign up betting sites process and all the necessary details related to that. Always do your due diligence when creating your betting account so that you make the most out of your betting experience.


⚡ Can we make more than one account on betting sites?
No, it is not allowed to make multiple accounts on one platform.
⚡ What is the legal age of joining any betting site?
You must be 18 or older to join any betting site.
⚡ Can I sign up betting sites with my mobile?
Yes. You can sign up from mobile if you want.
⚡ Is sign up free of charge?
Yes, the sign-in completely free and you can complete your sign-in process from the mobile platform or from the website.