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Best Betting Sites List, offers and reviews on Bettingbet

Bookmaker Rating Bonus Percent Live Min
Review App Get your bonus
130 € 100% ✔️ 1 € 1.50 review App review REGISTRATION
30 $ ✔️ 5 $ 1.60 review App review REGISTRATION
30 $ 100% ✔️ 10 $ 1.75 review App review REGISTRATION
122 € 100% ✔️ 1 € 1.40 review App review REGISTRATION
130 € 130% ✔️ 1 € 1.40 review App review REGISTRATION
William Hill
30 $ 100% ✔️ 10 $ 1.50 review App review REGISTRATION
25 $ 100% ✔️ 10 $ 1.50 review App review REGISTRATION
100 $ ✔️ 10 $ 2.00 review App review REGISTRATION
25 $ 100% ✔️ 10 $ 1.40 review App review REGISTRATION
30 $ 100% ✔️ 5 $ 1.50 review App review REGISTRATION
100 $ 130% ✔️ 1 $ 1.50 review App review REGISTRATION
250 $ 50% ✔️ 10 $ review App review REGISTRATION
1000 $ 50% ✔️ review App review REGISTRATION

Bookmaker Ratings – Best Online Sportsbook List and Their Offers

Bettingbet was created because there was an ever increasing demand for a platform that can guide bettors about which sites are best for betting. Bettors wanted to know about the best betting sites and their rankings. There are so many online betting websites available today and all of them claim to be top betting sites but there are various differences among these platforms and this is why you need Bettingbet.

Our ratings are specific designed to explain all the pros and cons of each betting platform. Using this review guide you will be able to explore in detail what the best betting options available for you and which betting platform will serve you best according to your specific needs. You might be interested in live betting or sports bets. You can compare various online bookies and see which is best for you. We will also take a look at creating an account, sign up offer and various mobile platforms.

You can check the complete list with ratings on our official website.


You might be wondering how we rank the best bookmakers on our website. Well, we would like to explain the criteria which we use to develop our ratings. Following are the things we keep in mind while ranking most popular sports betting websites in the world:

  • Versatility

Good sports betting websites should offer as many features as possible. We take this fact into strict consideration when we rank best sports betting platforms. Most popular bets today in the world should be present, online gambling, cash out features are all considered when ranking betting sites in the world.

  • Availability

Our ratings take a close look at the availability of a bookmaker in the world. Biggest betting companies are available in most parts of the world and this is the reason many new bookies are not present in our top rankings because they are not widely available.

  • Reputation

Best sports betting sites should have the best reputation as well. We give utmost consideration to the reputation of a bookmaker while making our rankings. Best betting sites in the world usually offer credibility in their services and you can trust them with your information and money. A fraudulent betting platform never comes in our rankings and we do everything to inform our users to avoid them.

  • Bonuses and Promos

Best and biggest betting sites offer great bonuses and promo code offers to their users. We pay close attention to bonuses offered by bookmakers when making our rankings. Most reliable betting sites offer best bonuses like deposit bonus 100 for new customers and many other great offers. These bonuses and promos are a big part of our rankings for best bookmakers in the world.

Other things that we consider for our ranking are sites offering players various payment methods, best odds bookmakers offers and many other features. These are the things we keep in mind when creating our bookmaker ratings.

Trusted Sports Betting Sites

All the sites ranked by us are completely reliable and they present what they offer. Betting online is not as risky as one might think, especially when you have a reliable resource like Bettingbet to guide you. Whether you want to join the biggest betting company in the world or you want to find a local but reliable betting company, we are the ultimate guide for you.Best sports betting sites are the one you can trust. Afterall, you are going to invest your time and money on a platform and you should be certain that the platform is trustworthy.

e-sports , Poker and Casino

If you are a fan of e-sports, poker or any other casino game, you might want to know what are the top betting sites for these. Please check the list of online bookmakers below to find out exactly that.

Best Esports sites:

  • Bet365

This is one the best esports sites for any serious bettor. The sign up offer at bet 365 gives you 100% for up to $100. The minimum deposit required to avail this offer is $5 There are certain terms and conditions that you need to follow in order to claim your bonus. Joining bet365 is a good option for bets to place today on esports.

  • William Hill

This is another great option for placing bets on esports. The platform offers great odds for esports and you can avail sign up offers on the platform as well.

Best sports betting sites by countries

To learn more about the most trustworthy and best online sports betting sites, please take a look at the best sites for different countries such as Germany, UK, USA and many others. Please read our guide to check which betting websites have full licenses to offer their services in specific locations.

You will be able to learn about the rules and regulations of different countries. The criteria we use to choose the best sports betting sites is as following:

  1. Top-class betting platform.
  2. Valid betting license.
  3. A wide range of sports offered.
  4. Competitive odds.
  5. Bonuses and promotions.
  6. Compatible mobile apps or mobile websites.

We have examined the best online sports betting platforms by countries and here are the top picks for some countries:

  • For USA
  1. Bovada – Offers up to $500 bonus which is 50% matched with the initial deposit and minimum deposit is $20.
  2. BetOnline – Offers up to $1000 bonus which is 50% matched with the initial deposit and minimum deposit is $25.
  • For Germany
  1. 1xBet – Offers up to $130 bonus which is 100% matched with the initial deposit and minimum deposit is $1.
  2. 22Bet – Offers up to $122 bonus which is 100% matched with the initial deposit and minimum deposit is $1.
  • For Australia
  1. 22Bet – Offers up to $122 bonus which is 100% matched with the initial deposit and minimum deposit is $1.
  2. UniBet – Offers up to $40 bonus which is 100% matched with the initial deposit and minimum deposit is $10.

Please check the complete list of all the countries on the website to learn about your country and bookmaker ratings for your region.

Brief introduction about the top betting sites

  • Bet365

Bet365 is an English bookmaker that is operating for many decades now. There is a huge collection of sports and games for users to choose from. The platform has a very professional approach and it rewards its regular players in good manner.

  • 1xbet

One of the top international bookmakers, 1xbet has solidified its place in online betting community. The platform offers great packages for new as well as old players. There is a huge collection of sporting events and players from multiple locations can access this platform. 1xbet bookmaker ratings have always been great.

  • Betfair

Another great betting platform that has a great reputation among bettors. This platform offers many great features such as live streaming, in-play bets, sign-up bonus and many other great features. This bookmaker has always ranked very high in various different ratings.

  • Willian Hill

This bookmaker has always maintained very high standards for its betting operations. There is $50 cash bonus for new players on this platform. Accessing the platform might be limited for few regions but players from restricted regions can use alternative links. This is indeed one the best sports betting sites.

  • Bwin

Bwin sets itself apart from the rest with the great odds it offers for electronic games. There are no bonus offers for new players offered by Bwin but this is no reason to skip joining this great platform when there are so many amazing things about it.

Bettingbet – what we prepare for our visitors

Bettingbet has tried to present the most popular and best betting sites for its viewers. Just for you, we have written detailed reviews of many popular bookmakers where you enjoy the thrill of online sports and gaming experiences. If you are a fan of sports betting or if you like gambling, you are at the right place.

The bookmakers we have presented in front of you offer a wide range of sports such as volleyball, baseball, football, basketball, tennis, horse racing and many more. There is a variety of amazing bonuses just for you. You will be able to get the sign up as soon as you register on any of the bookmakers presented here.

What you can find in our reviews about top bookmakers

Following are the things you will be able to find in our best bookmakers reviews:

  • Offered bettings

This is one of the most important criteria when choosing the right bookmaker. Some betting platforms offer various sections where you can place bets such as Bingo, Casino, Poker rooms and other but this doesn’t mean they are the best in every way. Some platforms have mastered live streaming while others offer great betting odds. One should always take into account the overall working of a certain platform before choosing. Various different factors play an important role when selecting the best betting platform.

  • Bonuses and Promotions

Current bonuses and promotions also play an important role when choosing the right bookmaker. Some sites offer great bonuses but the rules and regulations required to get those bonuses are often tough and not worth the effort meanwhile some platforms offer easy terms and conditions but bonus amounts are usually very small. The best betting sites are the one that offer the right balance between bonus amounts and the conditions to get those bonuses.

  • Customer Care

No matter the amount of bonuses and features offered by a certain bookmaker, you are going to face a problem from time to time. This is where the bookmaker’s customer care system comes into action. A bookmaker that doesn’t offer timely problem solution or complete satisfaction to its users is not worth investing time and money. Customers are the assets of any platform and the ones that cherish them are worth your time and money. This is absolutely critical criterion for choosing any bookmaker.

  • User’s Ratings

Bookmaker ratings play an important role when choosing a bookmaking platform. Users are, afterall, the ones who have experienced the platform firsthand and know best about it. You cannot ignore user’s rating when ranking any bookmaker.

  • Odds Offered

A platform can have various different sports and games sections but it will not be worth it to invest your money if the odds offered are poor. A good platform should consistently offer you great odds so that your winning chances remain relatively higher.

  • Live Betting

Live betting feature is paramount when ranking bookmakers. Many bookmakers offer live betting features but the quality is poor or they charge money to use the feature. A good betting platform offers great live betting feature with minimum charges and this feature has a lot of weight when ranking best sports betting sites.

Bonuses and offers of the online biggest bookmakers on the world

As mentioned before, all the bookmakers listed here will present you with a wide range of bookmakers bonus offers. Some of the bonus offers include 100% matched bonus, birthday bonus, New Year bonus among many others. Please check the table above to learn more about the bonus offers of various bookmakers

Please keep in mind that every bonus offer comes with a certain number of terms and conditions that you absolutely need to follow in order to receive the bonus amount. We have synthesized the information in such a manner that you will be able to find a simplified as well as a detailed version of all the bonus offers presented by the bookmaker.

We have presented you with the bonus codes offered by the best sports betting sites and we also carefully monitor any changes that may take place regarding any offer.

Note: Please keep in mind that Bettingbet doesn’t guarantee the availability of any advertised bonus offer. It is entirely dependant on the bookmaker. We are just here to present you the latest information to make things easier for you.

Mobile applications of best bookmakers

The very best online sportsbook is the one that offers a great accompanying app for its mobile users. Mobile phones have become the primary source of technology most people use. Many people don’t want to sit in front of a desktop or a laptop to place bets. Mobile apps are an important factor that helps rank various platforms.

Some of the top rated platforms that also offer a mobile app and a general mobile website are:

  • 1xBet;
  • Bet365;
  • Betfair;
  • Bovada;
  • Bwin;
  • William Hill;
  • Unibet;
  • Betonline;
  • Betway;
  • Ladbrokes;
  • PariMatch;
  • Melbet;
  • 22bet.

These are just a few top rated platforms that offer great mobile apps for its users. You can download the android APK for these apps or you can download an iOS version for iPhones and iPads.

Registration process in detail

You might be wondering about the registration processes of the best online betting sites. We are here to explain the registration process to make things easier for you. All of the platforms have almost similar registration processes and you can complete them very easily.

Here is a general overview of how you can complete the registration process for any best online sportsbook:

  1. Visit the official website of the bookmaker you want to register on.
  2. Click the registration button (usually located on the top right or left on the screen)
  3. Choose a registration method. There are multiple registration options such as one-click registration, phone registration, social media account registration and email registration. Choose the one you find easier and convenient.
  4. Fill in all the required details such as name, age, location and so on.
  5. Select a username and password. Make sure that you use a password that is hard for others to guess.
  6. Verify your identity by sms or email (depending on the method you choose).
  7. Login using your details and enter the platform.

Please note that the same process can be followed to register on the mobile app.

Predictions and statistics for sport

This section will provide you with detailed statistics and predictions regarding football. We have prepared these predictions and stats based on latest trends and hot news. We have great confidence that readers of our website are intelligent people and they will make the best decisions based on common sense and their knowledge of betting. Please keep in mind that our predictions and statistics don’t guarantee any winnings for you and all the decisions and choices are yours and yours alone. We can’t be held liable for any prediction that does not come true.

Our predictions and statistics cover all of the best betting sites and we try our best to include as many events and games as possible.

Guides, strategies and other about playing with bookmakers

We have devised a special guide in which you can find all the necessary information about various sports betting platforms. By getting familiar with this guide, you will be able to find out how to make successful bets and learn other important things about the best online betting sites. We will provide information about various terms and conditions, deposit and withdrawal methods and many other important things.

Our Recommendations for bettors

We have prepared a list of special recommendations for all of our readers based on our bookmaker ratings. We understand that your money is precious and we don’t want you to waste it. Please follow the below mentioned recommendations to make your betting experience smooth and enjoyable:

  1. Always choose a bookmaker that has best ratings. Our best online sportsbook rankings will definitely help you choose a good bookmaker.
  2. Always place bets that have minimum risks involved. Check the odds before placing a bet and minimize your chances of losing your money.
  3. Always read all the terms and conditions of the bookmaker you are joining to avoid any problems later on.
  4. Don’t get too excited when placing a bet. Always think clearly before making a choice.
  5. Please don’t make more than one account on the same platform. This can get you banned and all your money can be lost.
  6. Always try to avail the promo code as soon as possible. Most of the top betting sites offer promo codes expire within 30 days.
  7. Don’t try to trick the system. Doing so might get you in trouble with the authorities.


⚡ Is there a number one online betting site?
Online betting sites are too numerous and too varied to categorically pick one as the best in the world. However, it is best to carefully examine a few top online sports betting websites to determine which one works best for you.
⚡ How can I get offers?
Your online betting platform would notify you of any available offers or promotions. However, you can also visit the official website to find bonuses and promo codes.
⚡ How do I retrieve my funds?
If your transaction is taking too long to get confirmed, either a deposit or a withdrawal, the best thing to do would be to contact customer service. They would be able to confirm what went wrong and rectify it. Most betting sites have reliable customer support that gets issues rectified as soon as possible.