Online betting sites reviews and their offers list

Please check the table below to learn more about the best sports betting sites and their offers.

Bookmaker Rating Bonus Percent Live Min
Review App Get your bonus
130 € 100% ✔️ 1 € 1.50 review App review REGISTRATION
30 $ ✔️ 5 $ 1.60 review App review REGISTRATION
30 $ 100% ✔️ 10 $ 1.75 review App review REGISTRATION
122 € 100% ✔️ 1 € 1.40 review App review REGISTRATION
130 € 130% ✔️ 1 € 1.40 review App review REGISTRATION
William Hill
30 $ 100% ✔️ 10 $ 1.50 review App review REGISTRATION
25 $ 100% ✔️ 10 $ 1.50 review App review REGISTRATION
100 $ ✔️ 10 $ 2.00 review App review REGISTRATION
25 $ 100% ✔️ 10 $ 1.40 review App review REGISTRATION
30 $ 100% ✔️ 5 $ 1.50 review App review REGISTRATION
100 $ 130% ✔️ 1 $ 1.50 review App review REGISTRATION
250 $ 50% ✔️ 10 $ review App review REGISTRATION
1000 $ 50% ✔️ review App review REGISTRATION

Bettingbet and sports betting websites

Online betting has gradually spread to become the most popular form of gambling in modern times. The rapid spread and popularity of online betting sites can be attributed to the convenience and easy accessibility associated with online betting. Due to the growing popularity of online betting, many sites have also popped up and are in intense competition with one another.

Sports betting fans and casino lovers from all over the world can now place bets from their computers or mobile devices.

There are so many websites operating across almost all the countries and the face of the earth. Only a few countries have banned online betting due to a few reasons. However, a majority of the countries are the earth still support online betting which has made the online betting industry a thriving and profitable industry for international bookmakers.

How do you choose the best site offering online betting services? It has become rather difficult to make a choice amongst the many great websites through which a user can place online bets.

On Bettingbet will be examining many top sport betting sites as well as other information every user needs to know in order to make the best choice.

Trusted sports betting sites

There are so many online sportsbooks in operation today that it has become increasingly difficult to find a trusted sports staking website. However, there are also many top sports betting sites that have built a reputation over time.

Every responsible online sports staking fan should confirm the legitimacy as well as the legal and economic backing of bookmakers before registering on such a platform.

Nowadays the internet is loaded with many dangerous and malicious components. That is why it is irresponsible to align any websites with your payment platform without verifying the safety and security of such websites.

If you were to search for betting sites online a lot of the top sports bookmakers with great reputation will easily pop up on our bookmaker review rating (the list of bet sites). Although new world companies that have not yet built a reputation may offer much more enticing offers. The responsible thing to do would be to thoroughly verify the safety and security of such websites before registering on them.

At Bettingbet you can familiarize yourself with the most popular bookmakers in the world, get comprehensive information about them and receive unique bonuses. Take a look at our bookmaker rating and choose the right company for sports betting

What kind of issues of safety and legality of online bookmakers?

In the United States, only the state of Nevada has fully legalized sports staking. In other parts of the world, while there may not be any legal restrictions in certain countries, sports staking is not entirely legal.

Many sports betting websites around the world do not accept customers from the United States because it is illegal to operate a sports staking website from within the United States and they may likely face legal issues if they do.

However, some online sports staking platforms with no base in the United States accept American sports bettors because the wire act and PASPA law that makes it illegal to operate a sports betting company within the US do not cover sports betting companies outside the US.

In other parts of the world, however, some countries have fully legalized sports betting and international bookmakers have thrived in these countries. For instance, countries like Australia and Brasil, Online bookmakers only need to follow the local laws in the countries in which they are in compliance with the law. Online bookmakers are also required to have secure websites in order to protect the payment and funds of their customers.

Since most customers would be using online payment platforms to fund their online betting accounts, online betting sites must be as secure as possible.

Recommended attributes and qualities of online sportsbooks

In order for an online sportsbook to be classified as safe and secure, it has to meet the following criteria:

  • The online sportsbook must be licensed by appropriate governing bodies in the countries in which it operates.
  • The online sportsbook must be operating legally with then it’s recognized jurisdiction.
  • The online sportsbook must have built a reputation from being trustworthy.
  • The online company must guarantee the safety of the users as well as all their information.

The above criteria are merely the basic recommendations for all online sports betting sites to follow. However, in order to provide quality service and a great overall user experience, online sportsbooks also need to have some of the characteristics outlined below.

Extensive coverage of sports and events

There are so many sporting events spanning across several sports, leagues, and competitions on several continents across the globe. A great online staking website would cover as much of the existing sporting markets as possible in order to offer their customers the right variety of sporting events to bet on. The barest minimum would be to cover all major tournaments in sporting events popular in the locality in which they operate. For example, online betting sites operating in England must cover the English Premier League as well as the UEFA Champions League at the very least.

Several banking options and reliable processing

A key aspect of online staking is depositing funds and withdrawing your winnings.

Any issues encountered when processing funds can be frustrating for the player.

This is why it is important to ensure that your preferred sports betting sites support quick deposits across many payment platforms.

Competitive odds and lines

Good betting companies should offer attractive and competitive odds to their customers. They do not necessarily need to offer the best odds in the market. However, they should offer realistic and attractively competitive odds.

Attractive bonuses and rewards

Since the introduction of bonuses, rewards and bonuses have become an important part of online staking serving as an encouragement to players to continue playing. Great attractive bonuses are usually worth taking advantage of. Many online betting sites readily offer rewards to their customers and as a result, tend to attract more customers. After all, who doesn’t like a good bonus?

However, the bonus amounts offered are not the only thing to be considered. It is important to also consider the terms and conditions of using said bonus. An underhanded practice is to give a huge bonus but restricted with such ridiculous requirements that it becomes impossible for anyone to take advantage of the bonus. It is better to opt for online staking platforms with more realistic requirements binding their relatively smaller bonuses.

Good customer support

We do not always hope to run into issues with our online staking transactions. However, it is advisable to be prepared in case it happens.

Be sure to opt for online betting sites with a trustworthy and reliable customer support system. In case of any issues or errors, you can rest assured that it will be resolved as soon as possible.

It would really be an unpleasant experience to run into a problem with making a deposit for instance, and customer support is unreachable. You continued to make attempts but could not resolve the issue until the game you had a good feeling about ended and you could not place your bet. To make matters worse, your hunch was right and if you had been able to place a bet, you would have won a huge sum.

Admittedly, things do not often happen this way on sports betting sites, but the example above is meant to paint a picture of just how frustrating it can be to have an unreliable or unresponsive customer service tending to your issues.

What makes an Ideal Betting Experience?

We would all like to have an Ideal staking experience with no hassles or errors. However, what makes an Ideal betting experience?

Ideally, a good betting experience has very little to do with whether you win or lose. This may surprise you, but an ideal betting experience should be focused on the ease with which you were able to move your funds where needed, and place your bet. The ease with which you are able to locate your preferred betting market, tournament and games all play a major role in the ideal betting experience. The speed with which you are able to update yourself of the progress of your bets also contributes significantly to the ideal betting experience. Without all these, you may not be able to place a bet on sports betting websites at all, let alone make any winnings.

And should you win your bet, the ease with which you are able to access your winnings also plays a significant part in an ideal betting experience. The winning part was discussed last because, in betting, the odds are stacked against the player, which means, the chances of winning are not usually high. However, betting is not simply about winning every wager. On the contrary, it is more about the thrill and passion. This is why an ideal betting experience should involve a smooth transaction to fund your online betting account. Easy access to your online betting platform. Easy access to your preferred betting market and choice games. And also, up to date information on the progress of your bets. A bonus would be the ability to stream the game live so as to keep up with all the action. And in case you win, an ideal betting experience would involve being able to access your winning instantly once the game(s) have been concluded.

Live Betting

Live betting has been a popular form of betting since the discovery of gambling. It must have started from the first wager ever made between two people on the outcome of an event happening right before their eyes.

As technology developed and evolved, so did gambling. In modern times, people wager on so many online betting sites, however, the most popular things people wager on are the results of sporting events and casino games.

Live betting has gained so much popularity in recent times, probably due to the exciting nature of placing bets on sporting events happening in real-time, trying to accurately predict specific outcomes of the game based on the progress of the game so far. There are also side bets options where players can place bets on minor aspects of the game such as first to score and so on.

Live betting brings a unique dynamic to online betting and can be enhanced with live streaming services. A few online betting sites feature a sidebar from which players can place instant bets on the match being streamed.

In addition to streaming sporting events live, lovers of casino games can also enjoy live betting where they can place bets on real live casino games while streaming it live on their devices. This particular feature replicates a wholesome casino experience. Players can join tables with real live dealers and play blackjack against other players from far and wide. Players can also wager on casino games such as poker, blackjack, roulette and lots of other casino games in real-time.

Finding the Right Online Sports Betting Site for You

Online sports betting has become so popular all over the world, and as a result, there are so many online sports betting websites to choose from. However, it is important to note that online sportsbooks are not all the same, and while some will provide you with a great online betting experience, others may prove to be just awful. At, we review the best sports betting, both worldwide and in each country individually.

There is also the issue of safety and security. Not all online sports betting websites are secure, and linking such websites to your wallet or payment platform may expose you to security risks such as hacking and identity theft.

In addition to ensuring that the online sports betting website is safe and secure, you would also need to verify the legal positioning of the online betting website.

Online Sports betting is not legal in all countries, and as a result, it is important to ensure that your local laws support online betting.

Also, all online bookmakers are bound by certain legal requirements and regulations in order to be licensed in the countries they operate. You, therefore, need to ensure that your preferred online sports betting company has all the required licenses and has met all the regulations of the legal authorities governing online betting in your locality.

After you have ensured that you are in no danger of a security threat or committing any crime by registering on your preferred online sports betting website, you can then consider the benefits offered by the online sports betting sites.

The first thing to consider when choosing an online sports betting site is the ease of accessibility. How accessible is the site? How soon are payments processed? What payment methods are supported? How many device platforms does the site support?

Asking these questions will help you identify how user-friendly your preferred online betting site is.

You also need to consider the range of betting markets available on your preferred bookmakers. The online sports betting website has to support all the major sports like football, basketball, tennis and so on. It also has to support sporting events like horse racing, golf, badminton, volleyball, baseball and so on. The more sporting events supported by online sports betting sites, the better. There should also be competitions in all major and minor leagues, especially for really popular sports like football and basketball.

Next, you need to consider the odds offered on the website. It is not necessary the website offers the highest odds; however, the odds must be attractive and competitive enough.

Next, you need to consider additional attractions attached to the site. Attractions like bonuses and promotional offers available to both new and existing customers should be considered. In addition to promotional offers and bonuses. You should also consider additional features available on the site. Features like live streaming options and live betting options.

In addition to the design and overall functionality of the website, the final, but not least important thing to consider is the state of the online sports betting site’s customer service. Major international bookmakers are very well aware of the importance of good customer service.

Good customer service will help you avert disaster if you find yourself in a sticky situation. They will offer an immediate solution, and if in rare cases they can’t, they will resolve the problem in as little time as possible.

Casino and Poker

Many online bettors around the world are huge fans of casino games. This is why many bookmakers have developed a fully functional and immersive casino section on their websites. Some sportsbooks  have even gone as far as developing mobile casino apps for Android devices and iPhones.

One of the most played casino games is poker, hence, some online bookmakers have a separate poker app for lovers of poker. These apps enable players to play poker with other players regardless of distance. The game progresses in real-time and the players would need to fund their online betting accounts to buy into a poker table and place bets.

Casino games and poker attract a lot of online betting players to best betting sites. As a result, there are so many standalone casino and poker platforms to choose from. However, if you apply the tips mentioned above, you would be able to select the best online casino and poker platform for you.

International bookmakers and local

The number of operational sportsbooks continues to rise at a steady rate. This may be due to the increasing popularity of online betting or the steady expansion of the online betting industry. One thing is certain though, if online betting is not banned in your country, you would have more than one online betting site operating in your country.

Online international bookmakers are as varied as they are numerous. A significant variation is the size of the company. There are companies operating in several countries across the globe. These bookmakers have to meet all the legal; and licensing requirements in each company they operate.

And because the legal and licensing requirements of each country remain unique, many international online bookmakers usually offer a separate platform for each country. This enables the bookmakers to adhere more easily to the guidelines and rules in each county.

Local bookmakers, on the other hand, do not have this problem. Although they typically have a considerably smaller customer base, they are often indigenous, so they can better understand all legal and licensing requirements and modalities.

Betting companies by countries in the world

As mentioned above, not all countries have a legally conducive environment for online betting. Apart from the few countries where betting is outlawed, either online or otherwise, most of the countries in the world support online betting. However, each country is bound by its own laws and regulations.

As discussed above, a lot of online betting companies are operational in more than one country across the globe, while others are local and only operate in one country.

However, due to the varying laws from different countries, even international online betting companies have to create separate platforms for each country in which they operate. In order to adhere to each local law and guideline.

Ready To bet on Sports?

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