Privacy Policy

What Information We Collect

In order to enhance our users’ experience and provide the most accurate information, we collect and store certain personal and non-personalized data. Our privacy policy can be found on All information is collected from our visitors only after they personally agree to share it under the regulations of our privacy policy. We also use browser tools, such as cookies, for reporting and configuring purposes. 

How Do We Use the Information? 

Personal information from our users is utilized to determine which areas of the website need improvements or to introduce changes to the privacy policy. As per our privacy policy, we hold the right to use both identifiable and non-personal information of users from all countries to protect our site from cases of fraud or unlawful actions. We also apply it to answer questions from our users with the aim to resolve disputes between parties or introducing changes to the website’s settings. 

Sharing Personal Information 

Our privacy policy forbids us to rent, sell, or somehow compromise our clients’ personal data for no reason. However, we will not be responsible for protecting your data under the following circumstances: 

  • A request received from an authorized third party;
  • In case a crime against intellectual property was committed by a user.

We take all precautions to address the needs of our customers. We would never participate in an unlawful practice that involves recording personal data of our clients to share it with a third-party. 

External Links 

Mind that our site contains external links to third-party websites, and we may introduce changes to this policy at any time. Our general rule states that we do not regulate all uses of links to third-party sites in any way and we don’t bear responsibility for the content of those pages.