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Best bookmaker offers and welcome bonuses – list

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Online betting has become saturated with various bookmaker platforms aggressively competing for the patronage of online betting players. In a bid to get more players registered on their platform most online betting companies have adopted the use of promotional codes and using best bonus bet offers.

Online betting companies all over the world are in intense competition to get the most players on their platforms. This competition is quite beneficial to online betting players because each online betting company will try as much as possible to end ties players to sign up and become regulars on their platform.

Promotional code and bookmaker bonus bet codes have become the latest trend in online betting with platforms offering numerous bonuses and promotional offers. You can receive special bonus codes for betting shops on our Bettingbet website.

Types of bookmaker bonus bets

Online bookmakers give special attractive deals to their betting customers in various forms. These attractions usually come in the form of bonuses of different types at different intervals. He has some of the most common types of bookmaker bonus bets.


  • Welcome bonuses. These types of offers are usually given to new customers that just created an account on the online betting platform. Online Betting sign up offers have a definite expiry date and are valid for limited odds.
  • Initial deposit bonuses. When a customer makes an initial deposit on the online betting platform the online bookmaker sometimes ads as a percentage of the deposited amount as an extra reward.
    A lot of bookmakers give offers up to 100% of the initial deposit which means if a customer deposits $50 that customer will have an additional $50 in bonuses. Some online bookmakers give less than 100% wine stains 50% of $20 deposit is an additional $10 reward to place bets on the platform. The rewards are also subject to certain requirements. For instance, the player may be required to roll over the reward a specified number of times before being able to withdraw it. The role of us also has to be done with a specified minimum odd.


    • Subsequent deposit bonuses. This bonus bet sign up offers are usually available to existing customers when they make a deposit. The online bookmaker platform offers a percentage of the deposited amount ranging from 100% in rare cases to 50% to 25% as the case may be. These rewards are sometimes used to target certain tournaments in a bid to drive patronage to the online betting platform.


  • Fixed deposit bonuses. Some online betting platforms provide customers with an opportunity to win certain offers by depositing and betting a fixed amount of bonus bets. The qualifying amount is set by the online betting platform and once the customer has met the requirements the customer will be awarded the bonus.
  • Occasional bonuses. Some online betting platforms also offer their customers rewards and, for instance, significant dates such as their birthdays and holidays. Some online betting companies offer gifts as often as weekly to mark the beginning of the weekend.


Risk-free bet

Risk-free bets are usually offered to users in a bid to minimize the risk that comes with betting. This offer is often made to new customers on online betting platforms as a form of betting welcome offers. The risk-free bet involves guaranteeing a bonus refund of the amount staked on a bet.  In other words, if a new user stakes a certain amount on their first wager and they lose, the online betting platform will refund them with a gift amount matching the loss.

For instance, if a new customer placed a bet on Chelsea vs Manchester United, backing a Chelsea win with $200, if Chelsea were to lose or draw the match, rather than using the entire $200, the customer will be refunded $200 in their bonus account. However, if Chelsea wins the game, then the customer can withdraw their winnings no questions asked. From the explanation above it is obvious why it is referred to as “risk-free”. Win or lose you will get your money back.


Free bet

Free bet is quite similar to risk-free bet, however, it is available to existing customers. It also covers your losses if you were to place a losing bet, however, even if you do win your stake, the gift provided will always be available to you. For instance, if you were to bet $100 on Liverpool beating Tottenham, you would be awarded a $100 free bonus bet which will be available to you whether or not Liverpool beat Tottenham. It is important however to note that free bet bonus usually has a limited period of validity. The gift amount can only be used to place another bet and not withdraw. This offer is not the same as Free bet no deposit.

Matched deposit

This offering is quite similar to the free bet offer however it is a bit more flexible. It is available to new players when they make a deposit. The online betting platform will give them 100% of the deposited amount. For instance, if a new customer makes a deposit of $50 they will get an amount of $50 but unlike free bet, the gift amounts can be used to play any single bets without any restriction on the number of bets or the type of bets. Matching deposit gifts are also bound by a limited period of validity.

Free bet no deposit

A unique characteristic of this offer is that it does not require any deposits in order to be eligible for it. Unlike most free bets that require a deposit in order to qualify this Free bet no deposit is available to players as long as they can register and verify their real money account. Upon complete registration and verification, the online betting platform will credit the player’s account with a stated bonus amount.  The bonus amount has limited validity. And may render the player ineligible for other offers. The gift amount was also used at once which means it cannot be split and placed on multiple bets. The similarity it shares with the free bet is that when this gift amount is staked on bets, the customer will only receive the winnings in their earnings and not the entirety which includes the gift amount. For example, if the customer wagers $10 reward at 110 odds the total winnings would be $19.10, however, the customer will only receive what is left after the initial bonus amount has been subtracted which is $9.1.

Welcome bonus or new customer betting offers

When an online betting offer is described as new customer betting offers, it usually has several terms and conditions attached to it. Usually, terms and conditions involve rolling over the business several times before the player can withdraw the winnings. Welcome offers are usually awarded to new players as implied in the name.  Existing players that may have missed the welcome offer available when they registered can take advantage of other offers.

For instance, if a player deposits 70 dollars and gets a $70 sign up offer. The player is required to play $70 in five or six bets depending on the exact terms of your preferred online betting platform in order to be able to withdraw the betting welcome offer amount.

Bonus codes and promo codes

People are generally attracted to fewer costs. Even if a person does not necessarily need the products being offered, they thought that they could get the product as a percentage of the original cast will automatically attract them to such a product.

A similar scenario played out with sports betting bonus codes and promo codes.

The best betting offers are meant to induce the players to place more bets even if they had no intention of doing so. All bonuses are offered in order to make players place more bets.

For instance, if a player is offered at 100% matching rewards on all deposits above 20 dollars, even if a player does not intend to place a bet, the fact that he or she would be able to place 40 dollars worth of bets with a $20 deposit would encourage such a player to opt for such an offer.

This is why online betting platforms have widely adopted the practice of regularly offering rewards and promotions to all their users. In addition to driving up patronage, rewards and bet promotions also help boost the number of new customers registering on the platform.

Promo codes for betting sites are usually offered to all customers during a time of a promotion which all customers can partake once they meet the requirements.

Bonus codes, on the other hand, offered to ascertain the group of players. Bookmaker bonus code is sort of an exclusive deal available to certain players only. For instance, a Betting sign up offer is only available to new customers. They also exclusive deals such as VIP gifts and first deposit bonuses.

Sports betting bonus codes and promo codes usually have certain terms and conditions attached to their use. It is therefore advisable to familiarize oneself with all conditions before opting for a reward or promotional code. Usually, there are requirements to be met before the gift will be awarded to the player. After the bonuses awarded, in addition to having a limited validity period, the reward will also be required to be placed on certain bets in order to be withdrawn.

Difference between free bet offers and sign up bonuses

There are many types of bonuses and offers available to online betting players across different platforms. The best betting offers are usually attached to certain qualification modalities. For instance, a sign up offer is only attached to new customers registering on the platform.

  • A free bet offer can be awarded to both new and existing customers on the platform. However, Betting company sign up offers are only awarded to new customers who registered an account on the platform.
  • Free bet offers usually involve making a deposit. The free bet is 10 awarded in the form of a matching bonus or a percentage of the initial deposit. However sign-up bonuses do not require the player to make a deposit. The bonus can be awarded to players once they have completed the registration and verification of their real money accounts.
  • Free bet offers usually award gifts to players after they have staked their bets. Sign-up bonuses are awarded two-players upon completion of registration and verification regardless of whether or not they stake a bet.
  • Free bet offers awards bonuses whether or not the player loses the bet. Sign-up rewards and the other hand do not involve any bets being placed before they are awarded.

Best promotions for existing users

It has become a norm for all online betting platforms to offer bonuses to their customers. While all new customer betting offers have their own unique modalities, the purpose of the bonuses remains the same.

While focusing on new customers, most leading online betting platforms do not neglect their existing customers. Existing customers are also regularly offered great deals and promotions in a bid to keep them happy and coming back.

Here are some of the best betting offers online betting platforms offer their existing customers.


  • Free bet. This promotion is usually awarded to existing customers after making a deposit. The free bet no deposit bonus is given to the customer as a 100% match of their deposited amount or a lower percentage. The free bet bonus can be used to place a new bet beside the bets placed with the initial deposit amount.
  • Enhanced odds. This promotional offer is meant to increase the potential winnings of existing customers. Enhanced odds can be used to multiply the total odds stacked on. For instance, if a player places a bet on a total odd of 5.5 and gets an enhancement of 2X the total odds increases to 11. Bringing the total potential winnings of that player to 11 times the initial amount staked.
  • Accumulator insurance. This offer, just as the name implies provides a sort of cover for certain bets placed on an accumulator in a bid to lessen the risk. Usually, it is restricted and the total accumulator and the total amount staked. Accumulator insurance involves refunding the total loss placed on an accumulator bet.

Although there are certain conditions that need to be met for the insurance refund to be awarded to the player. The insurance refund is also awarded to the bonus account and cannot be withdrawn, only re-staked on bonus bets.

For instance, a betting platform may provide accumulator insurance for pets up to $10 with a minimum of 5 accumulators. An additional condition might be that no less than four of those accumulators must be fulfilled. This means that if a player stays $10 on an accumulator of five games and only one of those games is lost the player will be awarded a $10 bonus as a refund of the amount lost.

How to get a bonus

Getting new customer betting offers on online betting platforms is pretty easy. Online betting platforms usually describe available bonuses in detail and would often publicize it or notify their customers when a promotion is on offer.

A good idea would be to read your preferred online betting platforms bonus terms and conditions as well as using free voucher codes available over the internet. The best offers are often found on the official website of online betting platforms.

Your online betting platform may also notify you of ongoing promotion and promotional offers with clear instructions on how to take advantage of the best betting offers.

Promotional codes with special unique bonuses from the best bookmakers are provided on our Bettingbet website. You just need to click on the button, which is transferred to the website of the bookmaker, in which you want to start playing, register, make the first deposit and receive bonus money to your account.

Are there conditions and restrictions on free bets?

Usually, every online bookmaker has its own specific terms and conditions governing their free bets.

While some online bookmakers offer huge betting sign up offers  amounts governed by numerous restrictions, other online betting platforms will offer a relatively small free bets bonus amounts with more liberal terms and conditions.

A common restriction that governs free bets is the minimum odd requirement. Each bookmaker typically has its own specified minimum odds. Some online betting platforms can go as low as 1.2 while others are as high as 2.0.

Online betting platforms also place restrictions on the sports or league market in which the free bet no deposit can be placed. Another restriction is the limited validity period.

A specified number of rollover times is also used by online bookmakers as a restriction on free bets.

However, the terms are quite similar.

Typically, free bets will award the player with only if the profit from their winnings. Unlike regular bets the returns the initial state amount in addition to the profit. In other words, with a free bet, whatever winnings the player receives will have the free bet amount subtracted from it.

How do free bets work?

Free bets are usually an amount of money credited to a player’s account which allows the player to place bets on specific markets or games. A unique feature of these kinds of betting offers is that even if your stake does not win, you would have lost no money at all.

However much like other bonuses and promotions, free bets also come with restrictions as well as terms and conditions.

Usually, your preferred online bookmaker would have a promotions page on which you will be able to access their current promotions and free bets including free bet no deposit.

How to make the most of your bookmaker bonus

When an online betting platform awards you with a bonus, the bonus amount is usually that’s available for withdrawal. Hence, if you do not utilize the bonus amount, it becomes worthless. How then do you turn your bonus amount into cash?

Either as a new customer that received betting sign up offers was an existing customer that received one from a bonus or the other you will be faced with the challenge of being unable to withdraw your bonus. However, the online betting platform will specify the requirements to be met before you can withdraw your bonus as earnings.

The best way to convert your reward into cash is by creating a sure bet from your bookmaker reward.

You can do this by placing a bet with your initial deposit amount and the opposite bet with your bonus amount. You can do this by placing a bet with your bookmaker and then placing the opposite of the bets with your matchbook account.

Mobile free bets and betting app offers

A majority of online betting players worldwide prefer to place their bets on their mobile phones. This trend is also obvious to the online betting companies which is why many of the leading online betting companies offer betting app promotions with a bonus bet promotions.

All major online betting platforms have developed applications in addition to mobile versions of their websites which gives online betting players access to the functionalities of the betting platform.

In addition to unrestricted access to the services and functionalities of the betting platforms, mobile users also enjoy greater freedom to place bets regardless of where they are or what time it is.

In a bid to encourage more usage of mobile bookm platforms offer special gifts for mobile users.

Here are some common betting offers mobile users enjoy:

  • 100% matching bonus for the first bet placed on a mobile device.
  • Free bets when certain fixed amounts are staked.
  • Fixed rewards for fixed bet amounts.

Find a promotional code for the casino?

Online betting platforms also offer casino games. Online betting players can also please get some casino games and win real money.

As a result of this, promo codes for betting sites and bonuses are not restricted to sports betting fans alone. Casino lovers also get promotional codes and bonuses.

Online casino promotional codes are available on the internet as well as the official website of your preferred online betting platform. You can find lots of rewards including deposit bonuses as well as a specified number of free spins when you make a deposit.

Some online betting platforms award their players with up to 500 free spins upon making the first deposit after registering on the platform.

Subsequent deposits can also attract 100% matching bonuses as well as free spins up to 200 depending on the platform.

The promotions page of your preferred online betting platform would contain all current new customer betting offers and bonuses.

How to withdraw the bonus

With all promo codes for betting sites, there are certain conditions to be met before the user can withdraw the bonus.

Withdrawing the bonus is impossible, however, the bonus can be placed on bets or wagered and profits made from the reward can then be withdrawn.

Every online betting platform has its own restrictions as to how many times the reward can be rolled over in order for the profits to be eligible for withdrawal. The terms of these restrictions will be specified by the online betting company for individual bonuses, such as free bet no deposit.

Once the player has met the recommended number of times the bonus needs to be rolled over with the minimum specified number of odds, the profits made from the reward can then be withdrawn as earnings.


Online betting companies are involved in a tight competition with each other using bonuses and promotional codes to try to drive up patronage to their platforms.

These betting sign up offers and promotional codes have become so popular that it is hard to find an online betting platform that does not offer a promotional code.

The popularity of promotional codes can be taken advantage of by the player if the player has a good understanding of the terms and conditions as well as restrictions surrounding the bonuses and promotional codes.

Players can cash out from winnings gotten from promo codes for betting sites. Players can also be protected from heavy losses by buying cashback promotional offers.

The popularity of online betting promotional bonuses and promotional offers is beneficial both to the player and to the online betting company.

Use our Bettingbet platform to receive current bonuses and promotional codes. Start the game and win with us