Best Betting companies in Nigeria

List of Best Betting Sites in Nigeria


Please see the table down below to learn all about the betting sites that operate in Nigeria and what are their minimum deposit and odds as well as any bonus offers they give.

Bookmaker Rating Bonus Percent Live Min
Get your bonus
130 € 100% ✔️ 1 € 1.50 REGISTRATION
30 $ ✔️ 5 $ 1.60 REGISTRATION
30 $ 100% ✔️ 10 $ 1.75 REGISTRATION
122 € 100% ✔️ 1 € 1.40 REGISTRATION
130 € 130% ✔️ 1 € 1.40 REGISTRATION
William Hill
30 $ 100% ✔️ 10 $ 1.50 REGISTRATION
350 $ 100% ✔️ 1.10 REGISTRATION
✔️ 1 $ 2.00 REGISTRATION
100 $ 130% ✔️ 1 $ 1.50 REGISTRATION
100 $ 100% ✔️ 1.20 REGISTRATION
10 $ 100% ✔️ 10 $ 2.00 REGISTRATION
100% 0.5 $ 1.50 REGISTRATION
280 $ 100% ✔️ 0.3 $ 3.00 REGISTRATION
70 $ 25% ✔️ 1 $ 1.50 REGISTRATION
130 $ 100% ✔️ 1 $ 1.40 REGISTRATION
30 $ 100% 10 $ 1.50 REGISTRATION
200 $ 50% ✔️ 10 $ 1.50 REGISTRATION

Nigeria is an African country with quite diverse interests in betting. There are too many websites that offer live bets in Nigeria. You need to educate yourself regarding the best platforms to bet from Nigeria. Unfortunately, there are some less than ideal platforms that offer their services in Nigeria and you should aim to do your best to differentiate between good and bad bookmaking platforms. Nigeria has recently grown to become one of the fastest growing economies in Africa and the country has taken several steps towards rapid technological advances. Today Nigeria has become a hotbed for bookmaking activities. There are several local as well as international platforms that operate in Nigeria today.

This guide will discuss all the important aspects related to bet making in Nigeria. You will know about all betting sites in Nigeria and their opportunities as well as shortcomings. Just keep reading on to learn as much as possible and make the best decisions. Any serious bettor will find all the important information regarding bookmaking in Nigeria.

As it is clear from the list of betting sites in Nigeria that there are some amazing platforms that provide you with great opportunities. Just choose the ones that you think offer better opportunities for you and make your booking much more fun.

Best Nigeria betting sites

Always strive you choose the best betting sites for your bet making fun. All the websites that are mentioned here are top platforms and you will not go wrong by choosing any of these platforms. Here are the top 3 picks that you should consider

  • 1xbet

One of the top international bookmakers, 1xbet has solidified its place in the online betting community. The platform offers great packages for new as well as old players. There is a huge collection of sporting events and players from multiple locations can access this platform. 1xbet bookmaker ratings have always been great.

  • William Hill

This bookmaker has always maintained very high standards for its bookmaking operations. There is a 50 dollar cash bonus for new players on this platform. Accessing the platform might be limited for few regions but players from restricted regions can use alternative links to this platform, one of the live betting sites in Nigeria. This is indeed one of the best sports betting sites.

  • Bet365 

Bet365 is an English bookmaker that has been operating for many decades now. There is a huge collection of sports and games for users to choose from. The platform has a very professional approach and it rewards its regular players in good manner.

  • Melbet

This is also among the best bookmaking platforms. People love this bookmaker for various reasons such as several bonuses and promotional offers. There is a live streaming option available as well. Bookmaking using Melbet can really take your experience to the next level.

These are just the top three bet making sites but there are several other great platforms that are equally good. Please check them to learn more about them. Each platform offers its unique packages with different bonuses and promotions. It is entirely up to you to choose the platform that is best for you.

Betting sites in Nigeria with bonus

Bonus offers are something that you should always consider when choosing a bookmaking platform. There are several great platforms that offer great bonuses. Bonus offers allow you to have more bang for your buck. You can earn more and take more risks when you have bonus offers. Most of the betting sites in Nigeria with bonus offers have some specific terms and conditions and there are a variety of bonuses that they give out to their users. Bonus offers like 100 deposit bonus, sign up offer, birthday offer, Happy Friday are just a few examples of bonuses that you can expect from any of the good bookmakers.

How to choose the best Nigeria bet site

There are several factors that come into play when choosing the top betting sites in Nigeria. You need to be vigilant and check the following things when selecting a bookmaker.

  1. There should be a vast range of sports and games available on the platform. You must aim for a platform that offers multiple sports options. Always visit the sports section of the platform and see the options offered by the platform.
  2. Always look for multiple deposit methods. You must select a bookmaker that entertains a wide range of transaction options. The transaction fees must also be minimum.
  3. Live bets and live streaming should be available. Sites are abundant and you must choose among them to join the one which offers the best live streaming options.
  4. The bookmaker must have a great reputation both globally and locally. Always read the reviews of others regarding the bookmaker so that you can know beforehand where the platform ranks.

These are some important facts that you must consider to select the best betting sites in Nigeria for your bets.

The gambling law in Nigeria

Under Chapter 22 of the criminal code, gambling is illegal in Nigeria, therefore this is no regulation regarding it. Most bookmaking is done in the grey market and many of the bookmaking platforms don’t obtain any licenses. Most people gamble in Nigeria without facing any consequences. Nigeria is among few African countries where gambling is still not permitted but there are no strict punishments as well. If you find any of the new betting sites in Nigeria you can join them without having to use any VPN services because the internet platforms are free to operate.

Online bookmaker licensing

There are no licensing facilities in Nigeria, therefore all the local and international platforms operate as grey bookmaking operations. There are millions of bookmaking accounts in Nigeria and people do make bets without having to face any consequences. All betting sites in Nigeria have full fledged operations and there doesn’t seem to be any strict implications of the law in the near future. You should always try your best to only join reputable bookmakers so that you can continue your betting without any losses.

How to bet online in Nigeria

Are you wondering regarding the process to place bets in Nigeria? Well, there is no need to worry about anything.The process is rather simple and straightforward. There are several platforms available. You just have to do the following things

  1. First of all, you have to join the platform on which you want to bet.
  2. Visit the official website of the platform and register an account. You can do so by clicking ‘Registration’ or ‘Join Now’.
  3. Provide all of your basic information, confirm your age (must be 18 or older) and create your username and password information.
  4. Complete your account verification process.
  5. You are all set to place your bets  on any of the top betting sites in Nigeria

As one can see that the process to join the platform and place a bet is very simple and easy.Once you have completed your registration and created an account, you can bet on your favorite sports and games.

Popular Sports to Bet on in Nigeria

Nigeria is a diverse country with many popular sports. There is a huge football following in the country. Famous leagues like La Liga and English Premier League offer their services for live viewing in the whole country. Football bet making is also very popular and there are several football betting sites in Nigeria that offer exclusive offers. Other famous sports options include baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis, horse racing and many more. There are a wide range of sports options available and you will be really satisfied with each sports betting option. Whether you want to bet on football or if you are more interested in basketball, you will be able to find something according to your liking.

Football Betting in Nigeria

Football betting sites in Nigeria are all the rage. You can bet on various football events both local and international. Football lovers will be really impressed to find the betting options available to them. If you love to bet on football games, the options are really huge and you will be absolutely joyful to find the best possible options.

Other kinds of sport

Following are the other famous sports in Nigeria and you can find huge bookmaking options related to these as well:

  • baseball;
  • basketball;
  • tennis;
  • MMA/boxing;
  • cycling;
  • horse racing;
  • badminton.

Live betting sites in Nigeria offer various other sports options as well and you can learn about all the possible options for the websites of each platform.

Mobile betting in Nigeria

Mobile betting is an extremely convenient and easy way to bet. A mobile platform allows you the freedom to bet anywhere, anytime. Most people prefer a mobile phone over a desktop or a laptop computer. The recent economic growth of NIgeria has allowed the country to advance rapidly. Internet and mobile users have grown exponentially and platforms have advantage of this fact by providing a fully customized mobile app and a mobile site. You can absolutely take your bets to the next level with the mobile  options available to you.

How to Deposit at Nigeria online bookmakers?

When making bets was relatively new, there were only a handful of payment methods such as credit cards, but the scene on the top betting sites in Nigeria has totally changed now. Bookmaking platforms in Nigeria offer vast betting options such as bank wire transfer, cheque, Visa/MasterCard, Bitcoin and many other options. E-wallets are especially popular as a mode of payment because they bring a lot of ease and convenience. You can choose from a bunch of different payment methods. One thing to keep in mind is the fact that different payment methods have different terms and conditions and you should absolutely adhere to them.

Recommended Deposit Methods

There are different deposit methods and all of them have different pros and cons. You have to choose the method that works the best for you. Before you choose a method always make sure that it has minimum transaction fees and minimum deposit time. Following are our recommended payment methods:

  • MasterCard/Visa;
  • Skrill;
  • Neteller;
  • Bank Wire Transfer;
  • Cheque;
  • Credit/Debit card.

Please keep these recommendations in mind whenever you are choosing a deposit method.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Deposit Method

Before you finalize a deposit method, make sure it fulfils a certain criteria. Your deposit method of choice will affect your bets greatly because if you have to pay a heavy transaction fees or if your transaction processing time is long, you might miss on good bets opportunities. You also have to take into account the fact that local currency should be entertained by the deposit method you choose to use on one of the popular or new betting sites in Nigeria.

There is a criteria that you should follow before choosing a deposit method and here are some of the things that you should absolutely keep in mind.

  • Does your selected method entertain transactions in NIgerian currency?
  • Are there any fees for withdrawing money?
  • What about deposit and processing fee?
  • How long will the money transfer process take?

These are the important factors that should make or break a deposit method for you. Avoid the hassle of going through a poor deposit method by keeping in mind the above mentioned things.