Best Betting companies in kenya

List of Best Betting Sites in Kenya


Please check the table below to learn about the betting sites that operate in Kenya. Some of these are new and some are old. You can check their offers and minimum deposit and odds.

Bookmaker Rating Bonus Percent Live Min
Get your bonus
130 € 100% ✔️ 1 € 1.50 REGISTRATION
30 $ ✔️ 5 $ 1.60 REGISTRATION
100 $ 100% ✔️ 1 $ REGISTRATION
30 $ 100% ✔️ 10 $ 1.75 REGISTRATION
122 € 100% ✔️ 1 € 1.40 REGISTRATION
130 € 130% ✔️ 1 € 1.40 REGISTRATION
William Hill
30 $ 100% ✔️ 10 $ 1.50 REGISTRATION
30 $ 100% ✔️ 1.30 REGISTRATION
100% ✔️ 1 $ 1.50 REGISTRATION
100 $ ✔️ 10 $ 2.00 REGISTRATION
✔️ 1 $ 1.50 REGISTRATION
100 $ 130% ✔️ 1 $ 1.50 REGISTRATION
130 $ 100% ✔️ 0.15 $ 1.30 REGISTRATION
100 $ 100% ✔️ 1 $ 1.80 REGISTRATION
80 $ 160% ✔️ 1.50 REGISTRATION
10 $ 5 $ 1.40 REGISTRATION
30 $ 100% ✔️ 10 $ 1.20 REGISTRATION
100 $ 300% ✔️ 0.3 $ REGISTRATION
✔️ 0.5 $ 1.50 REGISTRATION

Kenya has emerged as one of the hot markets for betting activity. There is a proper board that regulates betting activity in the country and there are various online betting platforms that offer their services in Kenya. Many of the Kenyans like to use international platforms as compared to local bookmakers. There are better bonus offers given by international bookmakers such as registration bonus, jackpot offers and other great promotions. In this guide we will take a deep look at all the aspects of betting in Kenya. We will discuss best betting sites in Kenya as well as give useful tips to make your betting experience for fun. Just keep reading on and you will learn everything there is to know about betting in Kenya.

As you can see from the list of betting sites in Kenya that there are some very good options for you to pick from.

Best Kenyan betting sites

The complete list of all betting sites in Kenya is too long and you can learn about the platform you are interested in using the internet services, but let’s take a look at our top three picks for Kenyan bettors.

  • Bet365

This is an international platform that offers many unique features such as live streaming, great odds, a good mobile application and many other amazing offers. Any pro bettor will really enjoy this platform as this is very mature betting site and offers many unique features.

  • Melbet

This platform has quickly risen in popularity among the new betting sites in Kenya and for good reason. There are multiple sports betting options available, the odds are acceptable and there are many transaction methods offered by the platform.

  • William Hill

This is a renowned betting service that has a huge following in many parts of the world including Kenya. This platform offers many amazing offers like secure payment, variety of sports options, livescore feature and many other amazing things.

How to choose the best Kenyan bet site

There are several things to consider when comparing the top betting sites in Kenya. So many factors play a significant role. There is no reason to panic as we have shortlisted a set of instructions that will help you make your betting experience much smoother:

  • Always look for a bookmaker with great reputation. You don’t want to get scammed out of your money by choosing a poor betting platform. Many of the platforms are great and do their business honestly but you can always find some black sheep in the crowd. Be aware of bad platforms and always choose a reputed bookmaker.
  • Look for sites that offer great bonuses. Betting site in Kenya with bonus offers will make your betting more profitable. You can find some great bonus offers ranging from sign up bonus to birthday bonus, weekend bonus and many others. Betting bonuses are great and you should always choose platforms that offer great bonuses.
  • Always look for sites that offer a great variety of payment options. You must select a platform that gives you various payment options ranging from bank wire transfer to Visa/MasterCard and such.

Always try to choose the best betting platform so that you can enjoy your betting and make good profits. Avoid fake platforms that offer unrealistic bonuses or promotions. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

The gambling law in Kenya

Gambling is allowed in Kenya and there are proper regulating bodies that oversee the progress of gaming and gambling activities in the country. Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB) in Kenya oversees all the betting related activities and it also regulates them according to the law.

Just like other developing countries, corruption and bribery is common in Kenya and there has been some criticism in the past regarding the effectiveness of BCLB because some shady bookmakers were allowed to offer their services. New betting sites in Kenya have to follow the guidelines set by the board in order to offer their services in Kenya.

Online bookmaker licensing

Bookmakers licensing laws in Kenya require bookmakers to have proper license before they can offer their services. Local bookmakers have to pay an extra tax on their earnings as well. Bookmakers from all over the world have to obtain permissions from the Kenyan Government in order to offer their services.

Licensing mechanism is not very complicated and bookmakers can obtain licenses relatively easily in Kenya. Many of the most famous bookmakers in Kenya have proper licences.

How to bet online in Kenya

You might be wondering how you can bet online? Well, there is no cause for worry as various bookmakers have proper betting guides available on the platform and we are also here to guide you in the process. If you want to place a bet on any of the top betting sites in Kenya just do the following things:

  1. Open the bookmaking website of your choice.
  2. Click ‘Join Now’ or ‘Registration’ that is usually located on the top right side of the platform.
  3. Fill in all your details and create a username and password.
  4. Once you have created your account you can now bet on any of the games or sports of your choice.

There are various betting prediction sites in Kenya that offer many great tips and predictions for you to choose from.

Popular Sports to Bet on in Kenya

There are various great betting sites that offer many great sports options for bettors of Kenya. Football is among the very popular sports for viewing and betting. Many bookmakers have various football tournaments like La Liga and Champions trophy on their portfolio. All betting sites in Kenya offer one kind or another sports option.

Other famous sports include boxing, horse racing, tennis, baseball, basketball among others. In short, you will be able to find the sports of your choice on any of the platform you choose.

Football Betting in Kenya

Football is among the most famous sports in Kenya. There are a huge number of betting fans that are interested in football betting. Many of the league and tournaments are broadcasted live in Kenya. All football betting sites in Kenya present bettors with unique betting offers related to football which includes bonus offers and great odds. If you are Kenyan bettor who is interested in football, you can find various great options related to football.

Other kinds of sport

Live betting sites in Kenya offer various other sports options as well. Some of the famous ones are listed below:

  • baseball;
  • MMA/boxing;
  • horse racing;
  • cycling;
  • basketball;
  • tennis;
  • rugby;
  • hockey;
  • badminton;
  • ping pong.

As you can see the list of sports options is very long and you can find the ones that interest you.

Mobile betting in Kenya

Kenya has recently emerged as one of the fastest developing countries in Africa. There is a growing number of internet and mobile phone users. Consequently, betting sites have decided to take benefit of this rise in mobile usage. Many top bookmakers have invested in mobile app versions of their platforms that are available for download. Some platforms that don’t offer a mobile app, give the option to have a completely optimized mobile website that allows to fully functional mobile website version of the app. Mobile betting options are widely available and there are many great options are at your disposal. There are several live betting sites in Kenya that build live streaming and live betting options in the mobile version of the platform.

How to Deposit at Kenyan online bookmakers?

You might be wondering the process for depositing money on online platforms. Well the process is wide varied and you have quite diverse options like bank wire transfer, debit or credit card, Mastercard/Visa or you can use e-wallet options like Neteller. Whenever you select a method for payment make sure that the transaction charges are minimum and you the transaction process is quick. If you choose among betting sites in Kenya with bonus offers make sure that your bonus is valid for your deposit method. Most of the bookmakers deal in dollar so if you have an international currency account, you can use the most number of payment methods. Many websites also accept cryptocurrency options like Bitcoin or Litecoin, so if you are interested in those you can choose them as well.

Recommended Deposit Methods

The official currency in Kenya is Kenyan Shillings and surprisingly it is not entertained by a huge number of platforms. If you have a Dollar account, you can use any payment method but for local currency your options are somewhat limited. There are a bunch of sites that offer betting prediction sites in Kenya, so that you can know which events are good to bet on. Following are our recommended deposit methods to use in Kenya:

  1. Visa/MasterCard – This is a great option and you should consider it as your deposit method. Visa and Mastercard essentially allow you to have transactions in international currencies and it saves you a lot of hassle of converting your money.
  2. E-Wallets – This is another great option for making deposits. E-wallet is basically a bank account that deals in international currencies. You can use options like Neteller if you want to make transactions that are widely accepted by all the platforms.
  3. Cryptocurrency – Although this is not a very popular option but you can choose this option if you are familiar with cryptocurrencies. There are several great options such as Bitcoin and Litecoin and you can use these to make all of your deposits.
  4. Other methods include bank wire transfer, cheque or mobile payment options. You can check the details on the respective websites of the platforms and learn more about them.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Deposit Method

Whenever you want to make any transaction on the betting platform please keep in mind the following things:

  1. Always choose a medium of transaction that has minimum transaction fees. You don’t want to pay huge transfer fees and this is something you should absolutely keep in mind when making transactions.
  2. Always choose a bookmaker that is reputable. You are going to deposit your money on a platform and you should be absolutely sure that the platform has good reputation in the betting market.
  3. Please make sure that the betting platform of your choice has a lot of payment options. You don’t want to get stuck with a platform that doesn’t offer multiple transaction options.
  4. Please sign up for betting sites in Kenya with bonus offer because you will be getting much more for your worth of deposited money. This is very important and should be kept in mind always.
  5. Always look for sites that offer multiple sports and games. Football is among the most famous sports and there are many football betting sites in Kenya. Similarly, there are many other great sports options that you should focus on.