Affiliate Disclosure

Affiliate System – How Does It Work?

To keep our reviews reliable and unbiased, provide you with high-quality content, and avoid running ads on our site, we decided to follow an affiliate model. Being an affiliate means showing links to partnering betting sites in exchange for a small commission. Our policy obliges us to publish all betting site reviews before participating in their affiliate programs, so the quality of our content remains extraordinarily high. Unlike running ads or directly asking our readers to pay for accessing the website, participating in an affiliate program does not interfere with your experience in any way. It is simple and is aimed at serving our customers’ needs, which perfectly synchronizes with the company’s mission. 

Why We Became Affiliates?

The affiliate system allows us to publish unbiased opinions and cooperate only with real and trusted providers of betting services. The program secures us from a financial disaster, as our expenses on making decent content are immense. Our reasons for choosing this marketing model also include safety concerns since our team feels responsible for all the valuable information that people share with us. Finally, our team needs to deposit money to test the bookies constantly. Genuine reviews involve lots of expenditures, and our PayPal balance isn’t really that large! 

Become a Contributor!

To become a contributor, one doesn’t need to make a deposit or perform any notable actions. The matter in question is whether you are ready to accept our vision and become a contributor to a better future for everyone? We believe that this question should have only one answer since the industry built on reliance and mutual respect is the desired goal for all bettors. Mind that a contributor doesn’t need to deposit any funds to support quality content. You can support our website by simply following our affiliate links, so we entrust our future to you!