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1xbet Bookmaker Complete Review

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Main Information

1xbet bookmaker is an online betting platform that started its operation in the year 2007 in Russia. In the beginning the platform offered services from a physical shop but quickly grew into an online betting platform with a multitude of offerings. Today it offers up to 36 different languages to over half a million regular players across different continents. 1xbet has a license for offering its betting services so there is nothing illegal about the services offered by the platform. Active customers are very well cared for by the platform. 1xbet has a great technological advantage as well as the platform always aims to bring unique features like live betting, live streaming and unique bonus offers to its customers. 1xbet online services are really unmatched in functionality as well as features. 1xbet also has a very robust and active customer support system which tries to solve customer issues in the best and quickest way possible. This 1xbet review will guide you about different aspects of the platform.

This review guide will cover casino review, web version details, auto bet options, betting exchange, happy Friday bonus terms and conditions with other bonuses and their respective terms and conditions, live chat and support support system details, payment and withdrawal methods and many more. We will also try to give our best and most useful tips related to this 1xbet sportsbook.

1xbet website design – Menus and navigations

The 1xbet online platform is very nicely designed. You have to visit the 1xbet official website to see the clean yet elegant feel and look of the platform. Unlike many other online betting sites, 1xbet doesn’t have a lot of flashy colors and popping menus, there is a mature feel to the platform and it reflects the seriousness of the platform and its users. The layout of menus and navigation bars is very smooth and you can easily move inside the different menu options without any stutters or delays.

One the 1xbet website you can find registration and login information on the top right side of the website. There is a live streaming section on the very top from which you can choose to live stream any current event. In the ‘More’ tab you will find different promotions that are currently being offered by 1xbet. These promo offers get regular updates based on the time and current events that have promotions. Navigation the platform is smooth and easy and you can search from the top for any feature that you want to find inside the website.

Registration at 1xbet

1xbet bookmaker offers you many different registration options for your ease and convenience. You have the following options to register on 1xbet platform:

  • One-click Option – Just choose the country of your residence, enter your currency choice and you are set. You can come back later and fill in the remaining details.
  • Via email, phone number or social media account – using this method you can use either your phone number, your email or any existing social media account such as Facebook or Twitter for registration. All of these methods work equally well on the 1xbet website or the mobile app.

As you can see, the registration process at the 1xbet platform is quite simple and straightforward and doesn’t need much work on your behalf. You can do mobile betting as well as use your favorite payment method once you are registered.


How to verify an account at 1xbet?

You might be wondering why you need to verify your account. Well there are multiple reasons for this but the main reason is to make sure that no one else is using your account and only you have access to your account. Before you withdraw your money from the 1xbet website for the first time you need to verify your account.

Your account verification process is very simple and it doesn’t make you go through unnecessary steps. The verification process for your 1xbet account requires you to upload copies of two of your personal identification documents. You can upload documents like your passport, driver’s license, birth certificate etc. Once you have uploaded the copies your work is done. Now the 1xbet online network will verify the details of your account with the uploaded documents and after approval your funds will be available for withdrawal. The process of verification is rather quick and simple.

Bonuses and offers from 1xbet

1xbet sportsbook platform is famous for providing its users with many great promos and bonuses from time to time. These promos and bonuses can really help you out when making bets because they allow you to increase your winning chances by placing multiple bets at the same time. Always try to avail any bonus offer that is presented to you. The terms and conditions associated with these bonuses are rather simple and easy to follow. The details of some of the betting offers are as follows:

Welcome bonus – 130 $

If you are new on the platform and you want to double your fun 1xbet has a great offer for you. With this offer you get a 100% bonus for the amount you deposit. The minimum deposit amount for this offer is 1 $ and the maximum bonus you can receive (if you deposit 130 $ or more) is 130 $. This is a great offer by 1xbet online for its new customers.

Claim your bonus

100% BET insurance

With this offer you don’t have to worry too much about the losses that you might come across. This is an insurance policy by 1xbet sportsbook. You have to pay an insurance fee to the platform to get this offer and the fee depends on the odds of the events you are trying to get insurance for.

Some terms and conditions of this offer are:

  1. Any customer can avail this offer.
  2. Cost of insurance depends on the odds.
  3. Accumulator or single type bets are not covered under this offer.
  4. You can buy more than one policy at a given time.
  5. The total insurance amount needs to be less than or equal to the stake amount.

Star Jackpot Offer

Another part of this 1xbet review covers star jackpot offer. With this offer the more bets you place every day the greater chance you have to win a big jackpot bonus. There are certain terms and conditions for this offer and you need to check the details from the official website. This is a great offer as it greatly increases your chances of winning big amounts of money.

Your Birthday with 1xbet

Birthdays are special and 1xbet bookmaker also knows this. This is the reason the platform has created a special birthday bonus for you. This is a great offer to double your fun on the special occasion. With this offer you can get free bets on selected games as well as 100% on any deposits you make that day. So double your fun with this amazing offer.


1xToTo is a great offer by 1xbet. This is a simple and fun bonus offer. You just have to guess the outcome of 12 events. To win a prize and claim a bonus your 8 predictions must come true. The more predictions that prove to be correct the more winnings you can make. If all of the 12 predictions come true you can earn up to 12,000 $. You must have a clean betting record in order to avail this offer and your age should of course be 18 or more.

1xRace Offer

This is a great offer by 1xbet online and you can use this to avail great bonus prizes. With this program you can earn great amounts of money if you are smart enough. If you place a minimum bet for 5 consecutive days you get a free bet and if you continue to 10 consecutive days you earn another free bet. This 1xbet bonus is designed to keep you engaged on the platform on a consistent basis and allow you to earn big amounts of prizes. If you miss a day you have to start all over again so if you enter this program please make sure to place a bet on consecutive basis otherwise your winnings will be lost and you will have to restart all over again. Stakes range from 2 $ to 7 $.

Besides these offers some other famous offers include x2 Wednesday, virtual sports offers and many other unique and fun bonus offers.

Claim your bonus

Website Review – Design and structure

The 1xbet website is very pleasant to look at with great features and eye catching design. Unlike many other websites there are no flashy colors or popping menus that give cartoons like feel. The platform looks very pleasing and feels breezy in use. The menus are very well designed and appropriately placed so you don’t have to run around finding different options. Structure of the website is well thought out with many great nice features baked in. Overall the design and appearance of the 1xbet official website is very good.


1xbet sportsbook is very well designed and has many different unique features such as multiple deposit and withdrawal options, live betting, live streaming as well live casino options. There is a wide range of sports options to choose from. Besides sports there is a full fledged casino with many famous games such as poker, blackjack, slots and many more.

1xbet offers multiple bonus and promo options to its new as well as existing players and you can avail these options to earn much more money. These bonuses are designed to keep you interested in the platform. Moreover the platform has a very nice aesthetic feel and many awesome features to offer. Overall it is a solid bookmaking option for any serious bettor and this is the reason every 1xbet review gives it solid points.

Sports Covered

When it comes to sports options, there is no match for 1xbet. The range of sports covered on the platform is huge. There are all the famous sports available as well as some very uncommon sports options are provided too. With 1xbet sports options you can double your fun and enjoy betting on your favorite sports events.

Some of the most popular 1xbet sports options are:

  • Rugby;
  • Tennis;
  • Football;
  • MMA/Boxing;
  • Cricket;
  • Soccer;
  • Horse Riding;
  • Dog races;
  • Bike riding events;
  • Australian football;
  • Baseball;
  • Ice hockey;
  • Basketball;
  • Badminton;
  • Table tennis.

When it comes to 1xbet sports options there is no shortage for you to choose from.

Betting markets

There are several betting markets and offers available with 1xbet online platform. You can choose the ones that you like or those that you feel comfortable with. There is no shortage of options really. Some of the most famous ones are:

  • Handicap – The bet can be placed in various markets such as total goals, match winners and yellow cards.
  • Under/over match betting – With this you are given the option to choose whether the home team will win or the away team. Increase your chance of winning with this.
  • Betting on total – with this option you have to guess the total number of goals that both teams will score.

Live Betting (in-Play) and Streaming

The live betting or in-play betting feature is an amazing thing to have. It is located on the main menu of 1xbet official website. You have various different sports options to choose from such as tennis, football league’s betting, basketball, rugby and many more. For every sport there is an independent list of events. Click on any game to see the ongoing and upcoming events. You can perform live betting from mobile websites as well as the desktop version of 1xbet.

There are some other great features worth noticing as well. 1xZone allows you to see how the game is going and what is happening. This feature comes handy when you have already placed a bet on a game and you want to keep updates on the progress of the game. Making bets is fast and simple. Overall this is a great section with many awesome features. Every 1xbet review praises this live betting and live streaming feature and rightfully so.


This is a great offer for you to consider. With this offer 1xbet sportsbook allows you to get an advance for your unsettled bets. This is done to make certain that you always have some money to place bets. You have to follow some conditions to avail this offer but those conditions are easy to meet. Your winning earned by advancebet can be used to settle your bets that are currently disputed.


Odds offered by 1xbet sportsbook are pretty good. There are plenty of special bets and Asian handicap offers. There are up to 500 choices available for each event and this number can actually go up to a 1000. Payout percentages offered are around 93% and they can jump as high as 95% for football matches.

Sports Betting

There are multiple sports betting options available at 1xbet online platform. Some of the famous sports options offered by 1xbet include golf, American football, Racing, Boxing, Horse racing and many more. Other sports markets that are not that famous include Mixed martial arts, Futsal, Netball, Chess, Parasailing, Crossfit, Surfing, Polo, Skiing and some lottery game options.

Odds offered by 1xbet bookmaker are really impressive. In fact 1xbet matches many big names in terms of odds. Odds are presented quite early so that you can place your bets in a timely manner. You can however not place very large bets with great odds but the size of bets is not too small either. Overall it is a great sports betting platform with many unique and impressive features.

e-Sports 1xbet

You can place bets on e-sports events as well through 1xbet official website or the accompanying mobile app. This is rather unique and not many bookmakers offer this option. Options like DOTA, PUBG, CS-GO and many other esports options are offered by 1xbet. If you are a fan of e-sports betting and you have a favorite option in mind, you won’t be disappointed by the range offered by 1xbet bookmaker. Different events have different terms and conditions and odds also differ for various e-sports events.

1xbet Casino

When it comes to casino options 1xbet really takes the cake. There are several great casino features offered by 1xbet online. A fully functional mobile app is also available just for casino lovers. There is a virtual dealer in casino games which simulates the feeling of playing in a real casino. You have various casino games available to you. 1xbet casino is designed while keeping the most enthusiastic casino goers in mind and the ambience of virtual casino truly reflects that. Overall, the 1xbet casino is really impressive with multiple options.

Casino Welcome Bonus

For new casino joiners there are plenty of bonus offers. 1xbet bookmaker makes sure that the new players are rewarded with special bonuses so that they can easily explore the platform by placing various bets. Sign-up offer that you can avail today can be:


For slots you can earn up to 50% or some additional spins depending on the promotion going on.


Blackjack fans can earn up to 50% additional on selective events.


There are many roulette variations available. You can earn up to 50% extra with some events and selected matches.

So deposit money in your account as you start taking advantage of the bonus offers. Please always read the bonus rules beforehand so you don’t run into any problem later on. There are terms like minimum stake requirements and betting with specific odds to avail some offers.

Claim your bonus

1xbet poker

1xBet sportsbook has a huge poker platform for the fans of the game. 1xbet app also has poker options for mobile devices such as Android and iOS. There are fully functional poker rooms with virtual dealers that give you the feeling of playing in a real life casino. You can play many different variations of the poker game. There are many options such as playing against the computer or against real life players. You can also invite your friends and play against them. Famous poker variations like Texas and Omaha are very popular on the platform. If you are a poker fan, you must give this a try. Poker is among the most played games on 1xbet online platform and for good reasons. You get the thrill of playing in a real casino from the comfort of your home.

1xbet offers

There are many amazing 1xbet offers and promotions ranging from sign up bonus to New year bonus. You have virtually unlimited options presented to you and it entirely depends on you which offer you choose and how you use it. Parlay offers as well as 1xrace are some options to name that are very famous. You should check the 1xbet official website to see the complete list of 1xbet offers that are currently live.

Once you open the website you can see how many offers and promotions are currently live on the platform. There is a huge selection of betting markets available and you can find a market that interests you. The best and most diverse betting markets are usually associated with tennis, football, baseball, rugby and basketball.

The casino side of 1xbet also deserves some appreciation as the bookmaker has put a lot of effort in this section. There are a lot of slot games available in this section.

Mobile versions and apps

Mobile apps have become an important part of any online network. Most people these days prefer to use an app rather than a website. To accommodate its users, 1xbet has developed apps for all major platforms like Android, iOS and Windows Phone. There is a general mobile website and if you can’t use an app for any reason you can load the general website from your phone and enjoy the same features.

1xbet sports bookmaker offers following apps to its customers:

  • Android – Android users can download an app for their mobile phones. Please note that the app is not directly available in the Google Playstore and you have to download an APK version from the website first. Most of the smartphones from HTC, Samsung, LG, Huawei, Motorola are supported. Using 1xbet sports on any of these devices will give you a great experience.
  • iOS app for iPhone/iPad – there is an amazing app for iphones and ipads as well. This app is very well built with nice design and smooth features. Any device with iOS 8 or later can download this app.
  • Windows Phone – the app for Windows phone is called 1xwin and it is available for a wide range of Windows phones and tablets.

Download app

Payment methods

1xBet bookmaker really shines when it comes to withdrawal and depositing money from your account. You have the option to choose the currency as well as the medium through which you can make transactions. All the conventional mediums such as debit/credit card, wire transfer and pay order are accepted. In addition, modern virtual currencies like Bitcoin are also accepted on the platform.

Some of the most famous withdrawal and payment methods offered by 1xbet are:

  • Maestro;
  • Visa/Debit;
  • Skrill;
  • Entropay;
  • Bank wire;
  • Cheque;
  • iDebit;
  • Mastercard;
  • Visa.

As you can see the bet365 online platform has a wide range of transaction mediums available. When you have such a wide range of transaction options you can be tension free and never worry about making deposits or withdrawing money. This is another section where 1xbet really shines through.

1xbet deposit

Deposit mediums offered by 1xbet bookmaker are really vast and entertain a wide range of options. You can choose conventional methods such as bank wire transfer or you can choose some unique options such as Bitcoin or Litecoin. You have many great options available to you. Please note that the fee for deposit might differ based on the medium you select to make deposit with. Always check the details to avoid any unnecessary inconveniences. Mastercard, Visa, Ecopayz, Neteller, Paysafecard are a few deposit options that are more popular on the 1xbet sportsbook platform.

1xbet cashout

If you decide to cancel a bet and withdraw the amount you already have won. 1xBet bookmaker offers you this feature as well. With this feature, you control your losses and all of your stakes. You can also choose to leave some amount that can go all the way till the result is decided.

Suppose you have placed a bet and your team is losing and you want to minimize your losses, you can just press a button and close out the bet. One thing to remember is that the games that have this feature enabled are chosen by the platform and not all games have this feature.

Customer service and Contacts

1xbet has a great 24/7 customer support staff that offers quick and easy guidance for all of its users. 1xbet really takes pride in the fact that it tries its best to solve all of your problems. Whether you are facing issues with your username and password or you have any general queries related to any bets, you can count on 1xbet customer service network.

You can get in touch with the customer support using various ways. You can either use the live chat feature right from the platform. This is a way method. 1xbet representatives are available for a live chat session and they instantly communicate with you to solve your issues. You can also drop an email on the given address and someone will get back to you to solve your query. Overall 1xbet sports network’s customer service system is very impressive and it makes things quite a lot smooth and easy.

Following are the ways in which you can reach 1xbet customer care


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⏩ What is the legal age to join 1xbet sports?
You must be 18 or older in order to place bets and use the 1xbet sportsbook. Anyone younger shouldn’t use the platform as it can get you banned or you can incur some fines in your respective country.
⏩ Is 1xbet official website down?
No. The 1xbet website is always live. If you are not able to access the website please check your internet connection. Also please try to check the legal status of 1xbet in your country as well.
⏩ Can I change the odds for fractional to decimal in the mobile app?
Yes you can change the odds from fractional to decimal from the mobile app as well as the website.
⏩ I don’t understand English completely. Can I still use 1xbet?
Absolutely. 1xbet sports is a global platform therefore the network offers more than one language options. In fact there are currently 36 languages from which you can choose from.
⏩ Is the 1xbet live streaming feature free?
Yes it is free but you need to have some deposits in your account in order to use the 1xbet live streaming feature.

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