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With the advancement in technology, mobile phones, and smartphones have become increasingly easy to use. The Unibet app was created with the aim of simplifying the sites larger web pages.

It is an easy to use, compact and user-oriented version of the official website.

Unibet Download and Installation Process

The bookmaker’s apk is available for download by all Android and iOS mobile users. Unibet offers the free download through their site’s application store.

Unibet App Android Download

The Android version of the different Unibet applications is available for download on the Apps download page of the Unibet website. The Unibet applications are divided to suit customers’ various interests and needs with the hockey expert apk designed for analysis and reviews on ice hockey games, the sports betting application for sports bettors and the poker and casino apps for poker and casino players respectively. To download the Unibet Android:

  1. Visit the Unibet website.
  2. Click “Apps”.
  3. Choose the particular Unibet apk you want to download, either hockey expert, sports, casino, or poker apps.
  4. Click the download button to download your chosen app.

Download app

Installation .apk Unibet Android

Unibet app Android download is an easy process. To install the apk file:

  1. First change your Android security settings under installation to accept applications from unknown sources.
  2. Since the software is not available on any store, you will need to log onto the Unibet site to download it.
  3. Choose your selected gaming option on the site and tap on it.
  4. Your arrival page would show you details of the game, and on the page, you will be shown an Android mobile version.
  5. Download and install the Unibet apk on your mobile.

Unibet App iOS Download

Just like the Android download, the Unibet iOS download is available through the website.

How to Install the UniBet iOS?

  1. First, ensure that your unknown application installation is turned on in your phone setting.
  2. Go to the website and choose which of the gaming options with a version that you prefer.
  3. Once you get on the gaming page, select the download option for iOS phones.
  4. When the download is done, install.

Just like the Android version, the iOS offers apk free download. The Unibet iOS version is suitable for iPhones.

Download app

Unibet Windows Phone download

Apk can also be downloaded onto a Windows phone. Unibet download is free.

How to install the UniBet for Windows Phone?

Similar to the Android and iOS versions, the Unibet application for windows phone can be easily downloaded.

  1. Turn the unknown application setting on your mobile phones.
  2. Go to the website and click into your gaming preference.
  3. Click on the windows phone download option and then install it.

Unibet App and Mobile Features

The Unibet mobile is a user-friendly, easy to navigate application, and it can be used on both phones or tablets. Each one has a similar theme and user face, but there is a difference in services.

Each of the Unibet applications is built to function for a single gaming category. The apps contain some general features and a number of individually unique features.

We will be explaining in detail all features general and unique to the application mobile.

Multi-language platform

All the Unibet applications have a general multi-language feature basketball, and football are major games in virtual sports, all of which can be played using the apk. With everything resembling that of real-life sports, there are odds and statistics that bettors can wager upon.. This means that the app can be used and operated in various languages. This is a favorable feature since the Unibet apk is home to bettors from around the world.

Although it is not one of the app’s mobile special features, yet this has made the site unique and accessible to people of different languages.

Placing a Bet via Unibet’s App

Using the Unibet application to place bets can be an easy and comfortable alternative to many.

All you need to do is:

  • open the apk on your mobile phones;
  • log in to your account;
  • search through the series of available games and choose your game;
  • play single or multiple games at a time;
  • place a stake and;
  • confirm bet.

This can be done using any Unibet download options. Be it iOS, Android or Windows, it is easy to place bets.

Live Streaming via Unibet App

With the apk, bettors get the privilege of live streaming for free. You are eligible to enjoy this feature, provided you have a working internet connection, an ongoing bet or at least some amount in your betting account.

App makes a daily selection of matches that can be viewed. You can go through your apk to choose which to stream.

It can be enjoyed by those with the iPhone app which uses iOS, the Android version, and the Unibet app Windows.

Download app

Virtual Sports

Virtual sports are fast becoming a constant part of Sportsbooks. Virtual sports is game play that copies real live sports details. There are clubs and players and everything else that makes a sports team. The difference is that results are controlled using high tech gaming algorithms that pick at random the winning team in each match.

Cash out

The feature of cash out is used in sports. This allows Unibet bettors to earn a percentage of their final bet winning if they decide to pull out of the game. As the name implies, bettors cash out on whatever winning is available to them.

This is good especially when bettors are uncertain of the outcome of a possible match and fear that they might lose everything if they wait till the end.

You can enjoy this feature if you have the Android, iOS or Windows version of the Unibet app.

Live Betting

Unibet offers the feature of joining in the action of the game with your bet even when the games have already begun. Used by the sports bettors, this option can be enjoyed by smartphones and iPad Android users, as well as iOS and Windows mobile users.

Live Casino

For the feel of everything casino, the Unibet casino app offers a wide range of accessible games. All of which can be played at the ease and comfort of the bettor. To enjoy this feature be sure to use the casino apk link found on the website. It should lead you to a casino application download page.

Unibet Mobile Sportsbook

The mobile sportsbook offers a complete list of gaming options especially in the area of sports. The mobile version works well with all phone types and gives a range of varieties to their bettors.

Football, tennis, golf, basketball, polo, ice hockey and a host of others can be found on the Unibet mobile sportsbook. These sports are stocked full with all international games. With these many options, your chances of winning look good. Unibet download is free of all charges.

Download app

Placing a Bet via Unibet’s App

As mentioned earlier there all the betting applications in Unibet work in favor of the specific game they were built for.

To place a bet on those games outside the sportsbook, like the Unibet poker app or the casino app, bettors still follow a similar path:

  1. First, log onto your account.
  2. Search the pool of games available and pick out one that you desire.
  3. Click on it and if it’s the casino app you will need to determine if you wish to play for fun or for profit.
  4. Once you have decided to make a stake during the game, this money would come from your in-app balance, so be sure to have some.

Unibet Casino App for Mobile

Being one of the three mobile applications developed by the bookmaker, the Unibet Casino app has been very well received since its launch. This software offers over 600 casino games, just like the online sportsbook, as well as some other features.

With over 500 slots, various jackpots and a dozen card and table games, the app is a must-try for every casino gamer out there. It is also well designed with clear layouts that favor newbie gamers who are still getting a grasp of the Casino scene.

Unfortunately, the Unibet app android phones and iOS phones work with is not compatible with other types of mobile devices.

Unibet Poker App for Mobile

The poker section of the Unibet sportsbook has been garnering much popularity and the same interest has been transferred to the mobile apk.

Besides the poker games at the disposal of customers, on the Unibet poker app, bettors also have the chance to participate in synced poker tournaments. Best of all, you do not need to download supporting applications.

Differences between the Mobile Unibet Application and Mobile Site Version

Even though the Unibet app offers similar services as the mobile site version, there are quite a few differences between the two.

Mobile application


  • secure login and account verification allows better user interface;
  • quick loading of games and bets;
  • better graphics with the live casino and streaming features than the mobile site version.


  • downloading and installation consumes internet data;
  • it takes up a good amount of space on the phone;
  • having separate betting applications is not very convenient.

Mobile site version


  • does not take up space and consumes minimal internet data;
  • all the betting services are present in one platform.


  • not as secure as the Unibet mobile;
  • graphics are lower quality and streaming services may fluctuate;
  • slow loading.

Unibet Mobile Promotional Offers

Many of the offers available on the mobile version are also featured on the app. So bonuses can be redeemed and promos can equally be awarded. It is essentially an extension of the official website.

Claim your bonus

Unibet Mobile System Requirements

The mobile software requires an operating system of iOS version 9.0 or higher while the Unibet apk android OS requirements are more flexible. It tends to work well with most android devices.

Unibet Mobile Payment Methods

The deposit and withdrawal methods of the mobile application include those of the online version:

  • Visa card;
  • Master card;
  • Neteller;
  • Skrill;
  • Paysafecard;
  • Bank transfer;
  • Trustly;
  • EcoPayz;
  • Webmoney.

Unibet Mobile – Our Verdict

Unibet is without a doubt one of the best bookmakers in the business and they have revolutionized online betting. Their mobile applications are top class. Though the use of different apps isn’t the most convenient option, the Unibet poker app has been pulling tremendous traffic.

From the look of things, they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.


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? How do I make a bet on the mobile app?
To make a bet on the Unibet mobile just follow these simple steps;

  • First, you need to complete your registration to create an account, if you already have one, download the apk and directly log in with your account credentials.
  • Go to the menu bar, click on the type of sport you want to bet on.
  • Click on the specific match and on your preferred odd.
  • Repeat this for as many games you would like.
? I would like to know if the Unibet app runs on HTC devices? If not what types of devices does it work with?
The mobile applications are only compatible with android and iOS devices. So no, at the moment, the apk cannot run on the HTC mobile. Nonetheless, you can always access Unibet through the online sportsbook. It offers all the same services as can be found on the mobile app, and more.
? Is it true that the Unibet mobile app is more convenient, and if so, how can I get the app?
The mobile software is indeed very convenient for newbie bettors and veterans alike. Downloading the apk is super easy, as long as you have an android device, iPhone or iPad. The application is readily available on the play store and the App store. All you need to do is click on the download button and then install it. The installation is automatic and everything is ready and set for you to start betting and winning big.

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