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Bovada Sports Betting Review

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With a history as far back as 15 years ago, Bovada has earned its reputation as one of the most dependable sport betting options available to sports bettors, especially in the US. Bovada exhibits a high degree of professionalism, and with a website that is relatively easy to navigate, Bovada ensures that making money on sports betting is made as easy as possible for punters.

This Bovada review is an analysis of the betting options, promotions, payment options, and games available to players on Bovada.

General Sportsbook Information

Bovada sportsbook is certainly the premium product available to Bovada Online customers. You are certain to find at least one sport of your choice with the broad collection of sports offered. The user-friendly interface also makes it possible to find what you are searching for without any hassles. Bovada’s website also has an exceptional mobile platform which makes helps users enjoy their sports betting experience even without a computer.

Some of the sports betting options available include: Baseball, Soccer, Golf, Boxing, Motor Sports, Politics, eSports, and the UFC/MMA.

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Is bookmaker legit?

Choosing only the most trusted sports gambling website is paramount. Most people want the assurance that there will be no problem when it is time for them to get paid and that the sportsbook they decide to trust with their earnings would not disappear tomorrow.

As one of the big names in the industry, Bovada is popular for providing one of the fastest and most trusted sports betting options to players in the US and other countries globally. Bovada was established about 15 years ago and in spite of their flaws, Bovada is a good betting site which provides excellent services in the areas where it matters the most.

According to Alexa, more than 3.4 million sports bettors visit the Bovada monthly, this is 10 times more visitors than BetOnline, Bovada’s number 1 rival in the US.

The Bovada website also operates on an SSL-encrypted connection. Confirm this by looking at the left corner of the web address which says “secure”.

Google Trends statistics is just another evidence of Bovada’s top rank as the most visited online sportsbook website in the US.

Country Restrictions

There are a number of restricted territories at Bovada, they include:

  • Austria;
  • Australia;
  • Brazil;
  • Canada;
  • France;
  • Germany;
  • Italy;
  • Ireland;
  • Mexico;
  • Spain;
  • Switzerland.


Currencies Accepted

Bitcoin, United States Dollars.

Methods of Deposits

To deposit funds at Bovada, punters are offered a broad range of payment options for Bovada betting from the typical credit cards to new age ‘cryptocurrencies’ such as bitcoin. Bovada does not accept Visa gift cards and PayPal deposits.

Credit Card

Customers of Bovada sportsbook can make credit card deposits through American Express, Mastercard, and Visa. At least $25 can be deposited, but the deposit can be up to $1,000.


Cryptocurrencies are being accepted in the world of sports betting and Bovada is not left behind, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin are accepted for sports bettors. A minimum of $20 Bitcoin deposits and a maximum of $5,000 is accepted. For Bitcoin cash, as low as $10 is accepted and $5,000 is the maximum deposit accepted.

Methods of Withdrawal

Customers can decide to make their withdrawals through check by courier or Bitcoin. This is typically a hassle-free system, regardless of the payout option selected.

Check by Courier

Payouts are also made on Bovada through courier checks. This option is not only safe, but secure as well since a mail courier service would deliver your check directly to your home. Withdrawals from Bovada using checks are delivered within 10 to 15 business days, with $3,000 being the maximum amount payable. Bovada sports betting enthusiasts are allowed one free check using courier every 90 days, additional checks attract a fee of $100.


Bitcoin withdrawals are more preferable if you want a faster payment. The payment would be made in the bettor’s account under 48 hours. The fact that one Bitcoin withdrawal can be done every 3 days is another reason why this method is widely popular.

Hours of Operation

Customer service representatives are available 24/7, throughout the year. You can access it through Bovada betting site.

Most Common Complaint

Our Bovada review discovered that most bettors complain that Bovada offers two rates which are different for professionals and recreational players. Recreational players are offered better prices, with differences that may be as high as one point, although this seems insignificant, it becomes a problem when you are placing bets adding up to thousands of dollars.

Customer Service

Bovada provides its customers with 3 major customer service options. For urgent assistance, the customer care representatives can be reached on their phone line 1-888-263-0000, through email or through the contact form which can be seen on the sports betting site and through the live chat.

The customer care representatives are active on the Bovada online betting site, carrying out their duties of answering questions, offering help, and addressing customer complaints.

Live Chat

Yes, Bovada offers the live chat option.


The languages supported at Bovada include Chinese, English, and Spanish for more convenient Bovada online betting.

New Account Bonuses

New customers at Bovada are offered the chance to claim Bovada’s first-time deposit bonus of about 50% on their first deposit up to $250. The offered bonus is not restricted to the sportsbook, it can also be used in the casino and racebook. However, the Casino comes with a 30 times rollover requirements while the racebook and sportsbook require a 5 times rollover.

Special Promotions

Bovada sportsbook offers special promotions to its customers, some of which include:

150% Bitcoin CASINO Welcome Bonus up to $1,500 which is redeemable 3 time

50% Bitcoin Sports welcome bonus up to $500.

100% Casino Match Bonus up to $1,000 can be rolled over three times.

Wagering Information

The wagering information includes the minimum and maximum bets which can be wagered on Bovada,

Min. Bet

There are variations in the minimum bet on Bovada, although Bovada states that $1 is the minimum, as little as $0.50 can still be placed on some wagers.

Max. Bet

The maximum bets at Bovada sportsbook are determined by the sports you are placing your bets on.

For NFL, the maximum bets for spreads is $5,000 which is the highest, the maximum bets for parlays, totals, and money lines is $2,500 and the maximum bet for player props, game props, futures 1H/2H Spreads and totals is $1,000.

For the NBA, the maximum bets for spreads at Bovada betting site is $2,500 while that for money lines, 1H/2H totals and spreads, game props, parlays, money lines, and totals is $1,000. For tennis, the maximum bonus for spreads, moneylines, totals, and parlays range between $500-$2.500 and for futures and game props range between $500- $1,000.

Bovada Teaser Payoffs

The Bovada teaser payouts is determined by the sports, the number of teams selected and how you decide to move the line. This is how the payouts are calculated:

Teams FB 6pts / BK 4pts FB 6.5pts / BK 4.5pts FB 7pts / BK 5pts BK 6pts
2 -120 / +100 -130 / -110 -140 / -120 -140
3 +150 / +180 +135 / +160 +120 / +125 +125
4 +260 / +300 +225 / +260 +200 / +190 +190
5 +400 / +500 +350 / +400 +325 / +300 +300
6 +600 / +700 +500 / +600 +450 / +1425 +425
7 +900 / +1000 +800 / +900 +700 / +600 +600
8 +1400 / +1500 +1100 / +1200 +900 / +800 +800
9 +1900 / +2000 +1500 / +1800 +1200 / +1000 +1000
10 +2500 / +3000 +2000 / +2500 +1500 / +1500 +1500

Totals are allowed in regular teasers

Bovada Parlay Payoffs

Bovada sports betting payouts depend on the ‘true odds’ which depends on the number of teams selected and the odds on the selected team. Provided that each of your parlay picks is a standard line, that is -110, 4110 must be staked to win $100, then if 2 teams are picked, the win per unit bet is 2.645/1. If 3 teams are picked, the win per unit bet is 5.985/1, and if as many as 12 teams are picked, the win per unit bet is 2342.793/1


When money lines or multipliers are involved in parlays, the multiplier for each pick is obtained them the bet amount is multiplied by the product of the multipliers. For instance, if $20 is staked on a two-team parlay which has odd picks of +120 and -140, (multipliers of 2.20 and 1.71 respectively), then the total payout(the sum of your initial wager and winnings) would be calculated as 20*2.20*1.71= $75.24.


When money lines or multipliers are involved in parlays, the multiplier for each pick is obtained them the bet amount is multiplied by the product of the multipliers. For instance, if $20 is staked on a two-team parlay which has multipliers of 2.20 and 1.71(odd picks of +120 and -140 respectively), then the total payout(the sum of your initial wager and winnings) would be calculated as 20*2.20*1.71= $75.24.

Website Information

The important Bovada website information including the location and software provider are listed below:

Software Provider



Canada (Quebec)

Date Established

The Bovada sportsbook was established in December 2011.

Phone Numbers

You can contact Bovada using this number (1-888-263-0000), if you have any questions or problems.


Bovada Sportsbook Overview

If you are looking for a trustworthy sports betting website, it would be difficult to find a site that surpasses the Bovada’s website. The Bovada sports betting organization that has become renowned for the topnotch online gaming and sports betting options they have, as well as their speedy payouts and unbeatable customer care services.

Why Bovada is a Trusted Sports Betting Site?

The popularity of sports betting keeps increasing with each passing year and this growth has seen the spring up of many new sports betting sites. Since there is a wide variety of sportsbooks to choose from, trust is now one of the key factors to look out for when selecting a sportsbook company.

Bovada is arguably one of the most trustworthy sportsbook for many reasons. Bovada takes pride in providing its players with one of the fastest payouts available, while offering numerous withdrawal options.

This Bovada review has discovered that player satisfaction is a top priority for Bovada and their line posting schedule places Bovada sportsbook on the same rank as other successful online sportsbooks. Since August 2017, Bovada has been an A+ rated sportsbook at Sportsbook Review, and this implies that punters can confidently place their bets at Bovada sportsbook.

Bovada offers top notch customer care services to make sure that players are not wasting time looking for answers when they can be watching their preferred game.

Sports Betting Options Available at Bovada

Sports bettors will discover that Bovada offers odds for American sports as well as European sports such as e-sports, darts, rugby, and cycling. Their committed team also handles the political betting and entertainment market.

For those who want to be adventurous with their betting, teasers and parlay are some of the Bovada sports betting options available to them. Bovada sportsbook offers standard wagering options, proving totals, moneylines, and point spread betting for all market matchups. Additionally, the Bovada sportsbook also offers alternate lines and in-game wagering for almost all the matchups on the schedule.

What sports can I bet on?

The Bovada sports betting market collection is unarguably one of the widest for sports bettors in the US, you can place your bets on these markets:

  1. Soccer
  2. Football
  3. College football
  4. Super bowl
  5. Basketball
  6. NBA
  7. NCAA
  8. College basketball
  9. Golf
  10. Cricket
  11. Hockey
  12. NFL
  13. NHL
  14. Horse racing
  15. MMA/UFC
  16. Tennis
  17. eSports
  18. Baseball
  19. Motorsports
  20. Handball
  21. Olympic games
  22. Politics
  23. Snooker
  24. Cycling
  25. Volleyball
  26. Boxing
  27. Aussie rules
  28. Other

Odds Posting Schedule

Bovada posts a fixed schedule for when odds would be released. This is good to know since you would be prepared if you think you would be interested in an opening line. This is the schedule for most of the main sports to help you with Bovada online betting:


  • The day before the game at 6pm: Player Props, Team Props
  • The day before the game at 8pm: Quarter Lines
  • Mondays, 6pm: Points Spreads
  • Tuesdays, 8pm: Totals
  • Fridays, 6pm: First Half Lines, Moneylines

NCAA Football

  • The day before the game at 12 noon: Quarter Lines (exclusive to selected games)
  • The day before the game at 6pm: Player Props, First Half Limes, Team Props, Moneylines, and Totals
  • Tuesdays, 6pm: Point Spreads


  • On the day of fame at 11:30am: Player Props, Point Spreads, Team Props, and Totals
  • On the day of the game at 5pm: First Half Lines, Moneylines

NCAA Basketball at Bovada Sportsbook

  • On the day of the game at 11am: Player Props, Team Props.
  • On the day of the game at 12 noon: Point Spreads
  • On the day of the game at 5pm: First Half Lines, Moneylines, and Totals


  • On the day of the game at 10am: Player Props
  • On the day if the game at 11:30am: Team Props
  • On the day of the game at 2pm: 5th Inning Lines (odds are available 2 hours prior to the game)
  • On the day before the game at 10pm: Totals, Moneylines, and Runlines


  • On the day of the game at 11am: Moneylines, Totals
  • On the day of the game at 12 noon: Player props, Team Props

Soccer at Bovada Sportsbook

  • Winning Odds: at least 1 month ahead, closed when the tournament is going on and opened again after the games
  • On the day before the game at 5pm: Game Totals
  • On the day of the game at 8pm: Props for important games
  • On the day before the game ore same day of the game: Argentina, Copa Libertadores, and Mexico Matchups


  • 2pm on Mondays: Odds to Win
  • 8pm on Tuesdays: 72 Hole Match
  • 10pm on Tuesdays: 3 Ball Bets
  • 12 noon Wednesdays: Head-to-Head bets


  • 12 hours before the game (exclusive to finals and semifinals): Props
  • 12 hours before the game: Head-to-head bets
  • Winning Odds: 1 month before(exclusive to Grand Slams)


  • The day before the race at 5pm: Craftsman winning odds, Busch winning odds, and Head-to-head bets
  • The day before the race at 8pm: Props
  • 5pm on Tuesdays: Nextel winning odds, Futures


  • MLB Mondays by 2pm. Wednesdays by 8pm, Thursdays by 2pm, Saturdays by 8pm
  • NCAA Basketball Mondays by 2pm (closed by 12 noon on Saturdays)
  • NCAA Football Tuesdays by 2 pm (closed by 12 noon on Saturdays)
  • NFL Mondays by 2pm (closed immediately the first game begins)
  • NHL Tuesdays by 2pm (closed 7pm on Sundays)
  • NBA Mondays by 2pm (closed 7pm on Saturday)

You can find more information on the Bovada website.

Bovada Offer and Bonuses

Bovada sportsbook offers its customers a wide range of offers and bonuses, including the welcome bonuses,

Welcome Bonuses

New users are qualified for welcome bonuses to $3,250, a 200% cashback and about $10 bonus for checking the mobile casino.

The bonus is more favorable for casino players because, out of the $3,250 provided, $3,000 is available for casino players as a casino welcome bonus and $250 is a welcome bonus for sports bettors. Additionally, Bovada offers a 50% match up bonus as high as $500 for sports bettors who make deposits with Bitcoin and 150% match bonus about $1,500 for casino bettors.

Claim your bonus

Refer a Friend Bonus

If a new player indicates a referrer, the referrer would receive a bonus which is determined by the first deposit made by the new user. The bonus is 200% of this initial deposit, up to $100. The bonus can be used in the casino, sportsbook, racebook, and poker room. The rollover requirement is 30x for the casino, 6x for poker and 5x for sports.

Bovada Betting Limits

Sports betting limits for Bovada are determined by the type of bets placed. Some Bovada sports betting options allow minimum wages up to $0.50 despite the fact that $1 is listed as the minimum. Many sports bettors would discover that the maximum limit offered by Bovada is lower compared to other sportsbooks, but we think ‘high-rollers’ may be able to negotiate this.

The highest limit for any sport on Bovada’s betting site is $5,000 and it is exclusive to football, money lines and totals have a maximum of $2,500.

However, Bovada sportsbook offers lower limits to other leagues.

Mobile Sports Betting

The world is fast becoming a global village and this is why the bookmaker has developed the mobile platform so that users can place their bets as fast as possible. Players would be excited to discover that downloading is unnecessary as far as there is excellent internet connectivity,

Since no download is required, Bovada betting site for mobile is supported on Android and iOS devices, as well as other mobile devices.

In general, the mobile version of the Bovada website is sleek, and some users opine that some features perform better on the mobile version compared to the desktop versions.

The Bovada sports betting mobile website which is supported on a wide range of mobile devices is also available to players, the app features in-play bettings on numerous games and players can place teasers, parlays as well as straight bets. Navigating the app is easy and this makes the betting experience stress-free for new users.

The mobile Bovada website also offers signup bonuses, providing up to 50% free bet bonus on the website for deposits which are up to $500.

Download app

 Bovada Poker and Casino

Similar to other online sportsbooks, the Bovada online betting platform offers a Casino, Racebook, and a highly reputable poker room.

The Poker room available at Bovada offers a broad collection of games and is popular among players for its speedy withdrawal options. Poker players who are placing their first deposit are eligible for the 100% poker signup bonus on Bovada for deposits up to $500.

The poker software at the Bovada betting site is compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems, up to 15 hands can be played simultaneously.

Players can decide to take part in the anonymous games where the players’ identity is hidden to evade tracking, this feature protects professional bettors from being attacked by sharks and other professionals. Players are allowed to pick from number 1 to 9 at the table, immediately you become part of a new table, these numbers are reset.

The Bovada Casino offers a wide range of the most reputable casino games online. Players can discover a wide range of sports provided by many betting software providers, such as Rival, Realtime Gaming, and Betsoft.

Bingo, Blackjack, Craps, and baccarat and numerous roulette options are also available to casino users.

If you are looking for an interactive session, the Bovada Live Deal Casino is a form of simulation of the Vegas casino, almost indistinguishable in looks and interface. The live casino is available 24/7 and is enjoyed by live dealers who use roulette wheels and real cards.

Customer Service

Nothing is more annoying than facing a sensitive problem and being unable to get across to someone who can help right away. If you click on the ‘Help’ section on the Bovada betting site, you will be redirected to a couple of in-depth FAQs, but if you need help from Bovada’s customer care representatives directly, simply click on the question mark icon at the top right hand side of the page. You will then be required to complete a contact form and be provided with a phone number to call the customer care rep. They also offer assistance through email, and chat, communicating in numerous languages. If you encounter any issue that is not answered in the FAQ, simply contact one of the customer service representatives and you will receive a response under 24 hours.


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⚡ Can you cancel a bet on Bovada? 
No, once a bet has been accepted by Bovada Sportsbook and Casino, it cannot be canceled or modified.
⚡ How do I know if my bets have been confirmed? 
By clicking on the ‘open bets’ tab, you can see the wagers which have been confirmed.
⚡ How do I view my bet history on Bovada? 
To see your past bets, simply click on the ‘My Bets’ section on the top left corner of the website.
⚡ How to win money on Bovada sports betting? 
The most legitimate way to win money on an online sports betting website is to become a registered member on a reliable betting site like Bovada.

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