Viettel (Vie)
Hai Phong (Vie)
5 - 2
2023-01-14 09:30
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World | Club Friendly
Viettel (Vie) vs Hai Phong (Vie)
2023-01-14 09:30

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Live Translation of the match

Viettel (Vie)
Hai Phong (Vie)
6 1 - 0 goal Truong T. A.
20 1 - 1 goal Nguyen Huu Son
24 2 - 1 goal Hoang Son T.
28 3 - 1 goal Braga Montmor J. E.
45+1 4 - 1 goal Truong T. A.
48 5 - 1 goal Tran Danh Trung
51 5 - 2 goal Trieu Viet Hung
33 yellow card Braga Montmor J. E.
34 yellow card Dang Van Toi
63 yellow card Tran Manh Cuong
83 red card Red Card

Statistic of the match

Viettel (Vie)
Hai Phong (Vie)
halftime score
extra score
penalty score
ft score

Football players

Starting line-up
Viettel (Vie)
7Abdumuminov J.
11Braga Montmor J. E.
20Cao Tran Hoang Hung
6Dinh T. T.
39Duong Van Hao
18Hoang Son T.
1Ngo X. S.
21Nguyen Duc Chien
12Phan T. T.
22Tran Danh Trung
86Truong T. A.
Hai Phong (Vie)
68Arques M.
5Dang Van Toi
7Mpande J.
2Nguyen A. H.
1Nguyen D. T.
14Nguyen Hai Huy
77Nguyen Huu Son
28Nguyen Nhu D. A.
17Pham Trung Hieu
97Trieu Viet Hung
Viettel (Vie)
Hai Phong (Vie)