Linlithgow Rose
0 - 2
2023-01-24 20:45
Sports: Football: | Country: Scotland | League: Scottish Cup | Match round: 1/16-FINALS |

Scotland | Scottish Cup
Linlithgow Rose vs Raith
2023-01-24 20:45

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Live Translation of the match

Linlithgow Rose
55 0 - 1 goal Gullan J.
88 0 - 2 goal Gullan J.
5 yellow card Skinner G.
31 yellow card Brown S.
41 yellow card Spencer B.
43 yellow card Ogilvie J.
79 yellow card Lang T.
80 yellow card Thom G.
61 substitution Skinner G. | Allan J.
61 substitution Ogilvie J. | Bremner C.
67 substitution McMullan C. | Cunningham S.
75 substitution Docherty A. | Davidson B.
76 substitution Sneddon A. | McKenzie C.
68 substitution Vaughan L. | Stanton S.
87 substitution Connolly A. | McBride C.
90+2 substitution Gullan J. | Mitchell K.
90+2 substitution Masson A. | Ngwenya K.

Football players

Starting line-up
Linlithgow Rose
1Binnie C.
9Docherty A.
17MacPherson G.
8McMullan C.
14Ogilvie J.
6Skinner G.
16Sneddon A.
7Stowe M.
4Thom G.
3Thomson C.
2Webb A.
20Brown S.
7Connolly A.
3Dick L.
23Easton D.
9Gullan J.
12Lang T.
1MacDonald J.
30Masson A.
5Nolan R.
6Spencer B.
10Vaughan L.
Linlithgow Rose
24Allan J.
5Allison L.
23Baxter D.
22Bremner C.
19Cunningham S.
15Davidson B.
11McKenzie C.
47Frederiksen J.
11McBride C.
13McNeil A.
26Mitchell K.
15Ngwenya K.
22Ross E.
16Stanton S.