G.A. Eagles
0 - 1
2023-01-12 18:45
Sports: Football: | Country: Netherlands | League: KNVB Beker | Match round: 1/16-FINALS | Stadium: Erve Asito (Almelo)

Netherlands | KNVB Beker
Heracles vs G.A. Eagles
2023-01-12 18:45

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Live Translation of the match

G.A. Eagles
48 0 - 1 goal Lidberg I.
7 yellow card Hoogma J.
45+1 yellow card Hansson E.
83 yellow card Les M.
46 substitution Hansson E. | Laursen N.
46 substitution Ouahim A. | Roosken R.
72 substitution Cestic S. | Sonnenberg S.
72 substitution Armenteros S. | Satriano A.
77 substitution Bruns T. | Wehmeyer L.
46 substitution Adekanye B. | Edvardsen O.
72 substitution Fernandes R. | Markelo J.
72 substitution Lidberg I. | Sow S.
89 substitution Willumsson W. T. | Linthorst E.

Football players

Starting line-up
Lammers J. Coach
33Armenteros S.
17Bruns T.
6Cestic S.
29Hansson E.
21Hoogma J.
28Jalving R.
22Les M.
2Mokono S.
10Ouahim A.
15Schoofs L.
8Sierra E.
G.A. Eagles
Hake R. Coach
11Adekanye B.
25Amofa J.
1De Lange J.
2Deijl M.
7Fernandes R.
4Fontan J.
6Idzes J.
9Lidberg I.
21Llansana E.
15Tekie T.
18Willumsson W. T.
14Bora H.
1Brouwer M.
36Jansink T.
11Laursen N.
34Olde Keizer C.
5Rente M.
12Roosken R.
G.A. Eagles
26Bakker J.
17Berden M.
20Blomme X.
23Edvardsen O.
8Linthorst E.
24Markelo J.
33Mattiello F.