Resources Capital
Hong Kong Rangers
1 - 2
2021-03-07 08:00
Sports: Football: | Country: Hong Kong | League: Premier League | Match round: Round 4 |

Hong Kong | Premier League
Resources Capital vs Hong Kong Rangers
2021-03-07 08:00

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Live Translation of the match

Resources Capital
Hong Kong Rangers
33 0 - 1 goal Augusto
69 1 - 1 goal Sa F.
90+4 1 - 2 goal Harima H.
53 yellow card Law H.
75 yellow card Tse Wai-Chun
75 yellow card Wong W.
58 substitution Law H. | Wong L.
58 substitution Lam F. | Liu Y.
79 substitution Wong W. | Ki S. B.
83 substitution Law Chun-Yan | Ho S. G.
59 substitution Chan S. P. | Lau Chi-Lok
59 substitution Douglao | Chung S.
61 substitution Lo K. | Tse Wai-Chun
74 substitution Wong C. | Harima H.

Statistic of the match

Resources Capital
Hong Kong Rangers
halftime score
extra score
penalty score
ft score

Football players

Starting line-up
Resources Capital
1Lam C. (G)
23Brown J.
38Canal A.
20Cheng King-Ho
7Lam F.
21Law Chun-Yan
29Law H.
27Sa F.
8Tena C. (C)
9Wong W.
6Yue T.
Hong Kong Rangers
32Li Y. (G)
16Chan S. P.
55Kilama J.
11Lam Hok-Hei
10Lam K. (C)
12Lo K.
33Lopes F.
20Wong C.
19Yiu Ho-Ming
Resources Capital
5Chung C.
17Ho S. G.
18Ki S. B.
22Lau K.
14Law H. J. (G)
11Leung C.
10Liu Y.
Hong Kong Rangers
22Cheung K.
17Chow K. L.
26Chung S.
4Harima H.
7Lau Chi-Lok
5Lee S.
30Shlyakotin O. (G)