Royale Union SG
Union Berlin
0 - 1
2022-11-03 21:00
Sports: Football: | Country: Europe | League: Europa League | Match round: ROUND 6 |

Europe | Europa League
Royale Union SG vs Union Berlin
2022-11-03 21:00

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Live Translation of the match

Royale Union SG
Union Berlin
6 0 - 1 goal Michel S.
9 yellow card Becker S.
48 yellow card Haberer J.
78 yellow card Adingra S.
80 yellow card Eckert Ayensa D.
90+1 yellow card Trimmel C.
90+4 yellow card Rodriguez J.
46 substitution Nilsson G. | Boniface V.
64 substitution Vanzeir D. | Eckert Ayensa D.
64 substitution Lazare Amani J. | El Azzouzi O.
72 substitution Kandouss I. | Lapoussin L.
72 substitution Teuma T. | Rodriguez J.
46 substitution Ronnow F. | Grill L.
62 substitution Haraguchi G. | Schafer A.
62 substitution Haberer J. | Thorsby M.
62 substitution Michel S. | Behrens K.
89 substitution Becker S. | Leweling J.

Football players

Starting line-up
Royale Union SG
Geraerts K. Coach
11Adingra S.
16Burgess C.
59Kandouss I.
8Lazare Amani J.
20Lynen S.
49Moris A.
2Nieuwkoop B.
29Nilsson G.
26Sykes R.
10Teuma T.
13Vanzeir D.
Union Berlin
Fischer U. Coach
27Becker S.
5Doekhi D.
19Haberer J.
24Haraguchi G.
8Khedira R.
31Knoche R.
4Leite D.
11Michel S.
1Ronnow F.
6Ryerson J.
28Trimmel C.
Royale Union SG
7Boniface V.
9Eckert Ayensa D.
6El Azzouzi O.
19Francois G.
14Imbrechts J.
94Lapoussin L.
21Pirard L.
Union Berlin
17Behrens K.
23Giesselmann N.
37Grill L.
3Jaeckel P.
36Kemlein A.
40Leweling J.
26Puchacz T.