Adama City
Welayta Dicha
1 - 2
2022-11-17 14:00
Sports: Football: | Country: Ethiopia | League: Premier League | Match round: ROUND 8 |

Ethiopia | Premier League
Adama City vs Welayta Dicha
2022-11-17 14:00

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Live Translation of the match

Adama City
Welayta Dicha
45+1 1 - 0 goal Ali B.
61 1 - 1 goal Elias Y.
65 1 - 2 goal Zelalem K.
32 yellow card Solomon M.
58 yellow card Hassen F.
79 yellow card Ashenafi W.
80 yellow card Bogale M.
90+3 yellow card Yellow Card
70 substitution Reshad A. | Gobena A.
70 substitution Ame M. | Hottesa D.
70 substitution Hassen F. | Biniam A.
82 substitution Yakob J. | Wabela A.
82 substitution Ali B. | Wondimu A.
46 substitution Teshager B. | Elias Y.
46 substitution Yarfo Y. | Zelalem A.
90+2 substitution Elias Y. | Tesfaye S.

Statistic of the match

Adama City
Welayta Dicha
halftime score
extra score
penalty score
ft score

Football players

Starting line-up
Adama City
17Ali B.
9Ame M.
1Bah K.
15Gashew T.
20Hassen F.
21Matewos E.
3Mohammed M.
14Reshad A.
11Solomon M.
19Tesfaye A.
5Yakob J.
Welayta Dicha
19Achiso A.
30Ashenafi W.
16Badeg A.
15Bogale M.
12Debebe D.
14Nicole M.
20Nigussie H.
23Teshager B.
4Woldeyohannes B.
9Yarfo Y.
21Zelalem K.
Adama City
30Adugna B.
28Biniam A.
26Demssie D.
8Gobena A.
12Hottesa D.
6Ibrahim F.
23Leges E.
Welayta Dicha
24Abel A.
27Elias Y.
28Jagiso S.
5Kebede K.
11Mekonnen F.
10Mengistu S.
31Meried T.