0 - 2
2022-11-22 20:45
Sports: Football: | Country: England | League: EFL Trophy | Match round: 1/16-FINALS | Referee: Nield T. (Eng) | Stadium: Portman Road (Ipswich)

England | EFL Trophy
Ipswich vs Portsmouth
2022-11-22 20:45

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Live Translation of the match

43 0 - 1 goal Scarlett D.
45+3 yellow card Morsy S.
60 yellow card Morrison M.
61 yellow card Dale O.
81 yellow card Koroma J.
24 substitution Harness M. | Siziba Z.
62 substitution Leigh G. | Burns W.
62 substitution Woolfenden L. | Burgess C.
75 substitution Camara P. | Armin A.
66 substitution Ogilvie C. | Robertson C.
67 substitution Mingi J. J. | Raggett S.
67 substitution Hackett-Fairchild R. | Swanson Z.
67 substitution Freeman K. | Bishop C.
79 substitution Scarlett D. | Koroma J.

Football players

Starting line-up
McKenna K. Coach
28Camara P.
4Edmundson G.
11Harness M.
31Hladky V.
30Humphreys C.
19Jackson K.
2Keogh R.
21Leigh G.
5Morsy S.
24Vincent-Young K.
6Woolfenden L.
Cowley D. Coach
11Curtis R.
15Dale O.
13Freeman K.
18Hackett-Fairchild R.
3Hume D.
25Mingi J. J.
28Morrison M.
6Ogilvie C.
21Oluwayemi J.
19Scarlett D.
8Tunnicliffe R.
39Agbaje E.
36Armin A.
15Burgess C.
7Burns W.
13Coleman J.
9Ladapo F.
38Siziba Z.
9Bishop C.
32Gifford D.
1Griffiths J.
27Koroma J.
20Raggett S.
4Robertson C.
2Swanson Z.