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2023-01-06 17:00
Sports: Football: | Country: Asia | League: Gulf Cup of Nations | Match round: ROUND 1 |

Asia | Gulf Cup of Nations
Iraq vs Oman
2023-01-06 17:00

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Live Translation of the match

38 yellow card Bayesh I.
39 yellow card Attwan A.
40 yellow card Al Saadi H.
72 yellow card Al Harthi A.
87 yellow card Al Habsi J.
46 substitution Ammar H. | Fadel E. A.
61 substitution Jabar H. | Ali M.
61 substitution Ali H. | Kareem S.
74 substitution Attwan A. | Amin R.
89 substitution Al Ammari A. | Abdulridha A.
59 substitution Al Aghbari Z. | Al Mamari M. H.
85 substitution Al Alawi A. | Abd Raboh M. S.
85 substitution Al Yahmadi J. | Al Breiki K.
90+3 substitution Al Alawi A. | Al Musalami M.

Football players

Starting line-up
16Al Ammari A.
7Ali H.
17Ammar H.
5Atiyah A.
14Attwan A.
8Bayesh I.
12Hachim J.
18Hussein A.
15Ismael D.
20Jabar H.
4Nadhim M.
8Al Aghbari Z.
4Al Alawi A.
5Al Habsi J.
11Al Harthi A.
14Al Kaabi. A.
6Al Khamisi A.
1Al Mukhaini I.
23Al Saadi H.
7Al Sabhi I.
10Al Yahmadi J.
10Abdulkareem H.
9Abdulnabi A.
23Abdulridha A.
19Ali M.
13Amin R.
22Basil A.
6Fadel E. A.
15Abd Raboh M. S.
19Al Breiki K.
21Al Malki O.
95Al Mamari M. H.
12Al Matroushi A.
2Al Musalami M.
99Al Rawahi A. F. A.